Big Convention Pulls Out Of San Francisco, Citing Unsafe Streets



Standing room only this weekend in SF:

The first game of the series was last night in SF.


There is an “app” that tells you where the needles and the human feces piles are located.


I’ll bet a cubic foot of SF poop is worth more than that 5th Avenue poop.


click here google you tube san fran unsafe


San Francisco this weekend



I have considered, but rejected, going to San Francisco for vacation every summer for the past many years. Rejected because I didn’t want to expose my kids and my wife to such rampant leftism, filty, and disgust.

I have also avoided several medical conferences that took place there, for the same reason.

That is no big deal to the wealthy Dems who run the city, but the local tourist companies have lost my money.


I live in Sonoma Co, and I also avoid the City in the summer. We usually start going to the City in October because by then the onslaught of tourists has abated - and the weather is better,


Good wine there.



Hi Maxirad,
Your link opens to a discussion of Fort Lauderdale.
May God bless you.


Keep in mind that the article concerns homelessness. San Francisco has famously had a big problem with homelessness for decades.


Are the city fathers prosecuting or limiting certain types of food distribution to discourage this as the link suggests is occurring in Fort Lauderdale?


I don’t think so…

Again, I don’t know for sure… I don’t think that anyone goes hungry north of S.F. And I would assume that the same resources, if not more, are available in S,F.

Serving meals at Glide Memorial Church is common for families when school is out.


San Francisco is the only major American city I have travelled around in and I liked it very much. This was many years ago now and if it has become dangerous and unsanitary, at least in parts, it is a real shame.


Why did this Convention person make public what they wouldn’t choose? It is like Conventions are held wherever …We normally hear where they will be held,not where they won’ t…
Anyway,good memories of San Francisco.


It’s kind of curious to me. The report on the SF area TV channels is just what has been noted here - a “medical convention has been cancelled” - no information about what medical convention or when it was to be held. Odd I think. It causes me to consider the possibility that someone is conducting a campaign against the homeless in SF, something that routinely happens in the well-to-do communities of Marin County. The other thing is that we are on the east coast for 3 months in the spring and 2 months in the fall so i don’t follow this closely.

I can say that the homeless population in our small city in Sonoma Co. increases during the summer and decreases in the winter when I’ve always assumed that the homeless went to SF where there are more shelter services. There are shelter services in our town but only for families with children. There is no food distribution that I know about. The homeless that I see are camped along streams in open space areas between towns and rural areas. They are very unobtrusive and keep to themselves.


This is like Chicago when the homeless situation is abated during the colder months.


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