Big Irish crackdown on net piracy

People should not be allowed to take what is not their’s without permission. Even those who think a digital file should not be equated with a physical product should understand that the two are used the same way.

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On one occasion when he was at the monastery of Moville he came across Finian’s book of the Psalms. [St.] Colum Cille decided to copy it secretly. He did, and when he was brought before King Diarmait who was to decide who was the rightful owner of it, Diarmait made his famous decision: “To every cow its calf and to every book its copy”. This might be regarded as the first copyright case in history. 560ad.

We should obey the law, but I find copyright law against the universal destination of goods, and so having fundamental problems with natural law.

There is desperate need for reform here, and an ending to it in general. There are other ways media producers can be recompensed.

It is an artificial construct, an artificial shortage.

Without the additional legislation the shortage would not exist.

If every man had a machine that could reproduce as much food as each person wanted – who would restrict it? Let’s say a law was made so everyone had to pay a single particular person before they could use the machines, would that be right?

No. It is against the universal destination of goods.

Ditto for any other thing besides food.

Ideas are copied by every person’s mind the minute they witness them. Can there be a law against this? If there could be, at this rate, there would be.

There is nothing new under the sun. Ideas are not possessions. We can be honest about sourcing, but we should not be restrictive of what ultimately is all God’s – and nothing truly good created apart from Him.

These crackdowns are because of the wealthy who have created these artificial forms of property and buy and sell them, many times over they sell them, and restrict them for longer than people live. It’s exorbitant and ridiculous, and I believe that as the younger generations mature these laws will be done away with largely, reduced at the very least significantly, and inevitably disappear because of the power each person has to reproduce anything as an individual.

It’s only a matter of time, and only greatly intrusive and oppressive governmental intervention could stop it.

The internet will become increasingly regulated since illegal copying will take away legitimate revenues. I know there are hard drives out there full of pirated copies of whatever. I witnessed an FBI raid at a media convention where pirated goods were confiscated. Something similar is coming to the internet.

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Well it’s one or the other – total regulation or great freedom. I think that because of the prevalence of copyright violation in youth, that the next generations will vote it into pieces. It is however possible that the powers that be with their money could overcome this even in the next generations.

Maybe the youth, the next generation, will someday make their living at art, music or writing. At which point they will complain about other people stealing their work by taking without paying…:shrug:

The world existed without copyright law for a good long time, and musicians, writers, and artists made better art, books, and music than they do now. :slight_smile: And somehow survived too.

Ah yes. That would be the time when people were self-sufficient and grew their own food and raised animals. The wandering bard, blind drunk, literally, wandered the roads with his donkey and by quaint custum was given free board and lodgings wherever he stopped for as long as he wished in exchange for his music. Though he would not be asked for that, either.
But nowadays nobody is really selfsufficient. We need to collect tokens [money] to exchange for the stuff we need to live. I give you art, or music. You give me tokens of your appreciation, so that I can continue to live and produce art, music, books.
Ah… yes. What was I forgetting, way back then there were no means of reproducing art, music or books it was the artists job to produce them and he was paid for his labour. But now, if he is not paid anymore he will not survive. Copyright law began with one case in Ireland in 560 ad and the copyists were only using quills and parchment and only made one copy. A war, [or battle], resulted, – with many dead!.. beware… beware… …beware…

Then I presume that no one in the next generations will make their living by writing or filmmaking or photography or any other creative art, since the moment they make something it will be owned by everybody, and of no profit to its creator.

If a writer sells a story to a small magazine, let’s say he receives a rather small payment for it. But that will be then end of it. He can’t be paid for anthology rights, movie rights, foreign publishing rights, or any further publishing. It will be in the public domain. Any other publisher will now pick up the story and use it as their own with no further payment to the author. Is that the idea? Better to go into some other trade.

Fascism on the net was only a matter of time.

Interesting choice of words. No. Intellectual Property is real property and it deserves to be protected. I can’t go out and produce Ed’s Spider-Man or Ed’s Matrix and include all of the characters. The idea is really quite simple.

I’d like to do Ed’s Terminator but I’m sure I’d be shut down immediately.

The solution is simple: Create Your Own Intellectual Property. License it for movies and comic books and computer games and skateboards.

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