Big Mac(R) Beats The Bible for Majority of Americans, Ten Commandments Not Set in Stone


Your link goes to an article about Archbishop Raymond Burke, saying he would deny communion to any presidential candidate who supports abortion.

Giuliani’s response: “Archbishops have a right to their opinion.”

Well, duh. They also have real authority, unlike people like Giuliani.

Try this:

Thanks CapaxDei!

The vast majority of those surveyed could easily name the primary ingredients in a Big Mac®: two all beef patties (80%), lettuce (76%), sesame seed bun (75%), special sauce (66%) pickles (62%), and cheese (60%).

Seven of the Ten Commandments are familiar to less than half of the individuals polled, including the more commonly recited, “Honor thy father and thy mother,” and “Remember the Sabbath.”

I wonder if Promenade Pictures has created a snappy jingle to help us remember the ingredients…erm… I mean the commandments. :wink:


Sorry 'bout that :smiley:

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