Big pink haired preachers wife?

I clicked to a religious station not far from ( DISH network) EWTN and there was a woman w/ big pink hair and tons of eye make up telling her story of being healed of cancer. I was absolutely dumb founded! Who are these people? Does anyone here know who I am referring to?

I think you’re referring to a woman named “Jan” who is on that show with Benny Hinn…but I don’t know the name of the program.

They are based in Garden Grove, Ca.

It is definitely NOT a Catholic station or program.

I think you’re referring to Jan Crouch. The network is KTBN, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and they’re located in Costa Mesa, CA. They’re not Catholic, but KTBN is a Catholic-friendly network. Fr. Michael Manning has a show on the network, and he’s been on other shows on the network as well. They recently aired a video called “Common Ground” which was a dialogue between Fr. John Riccardo and a presbyterian minister. it was excellent! Fr. Riccardo has been on EWTN many times, as well.

I know it was not Catholic. I find it difficult to believe anyone takes this pink-haired woman seriously.

She is over the top that is for sure

She kind of looks like a Tammy Fay Baker impostor.

I think Tammy never looked this bad…and for all her tarty getup’s I think Tammy was sincere

They showed a video of her handing out Barbie-like dolls to children but maybe the dolls were suppose to be her?

Wow, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am definitely curious…

I never saw Jan Crouch in a pink wig, only light blonde. She’s the wife of the founder of TBN. She is a Pentecostal Word-Faith believer IIRC. It’s a big movement. She wears big wigs because she likes them. Some are humongous. They’re all different shapes.
TBN airs everyone from Billy Graham to John Hagee to Joel Osteen, in that range, the Bakkers used to be on, they air PTL too.
Tammy Faye Bakker dressed as she did because she wanted to prove a Christian woman needn’t go around in long gray denim smocks and faded turtlenecks with little teddy prints all over them, no makeup, no jewelry, dark blue crew socks and brown clogs, or any such style, which is how many believe they have to look. So she dressed all the way to another extreme to make a point of it, so no one could ignore the makeup and jewelry. She knew she looked unusual, but to her it made sense.

I think some hair objections are due to differences in regional sensibilities. Some regions tend to have more “structural engineering” than others. :whistle:

I think Tammy liked wearing all of that gunk…It never bothered me if she chose to look like a tart

She was a fun person, and I think she did try to live out her faith

And some generations of adolescents had more gel as well. People who hit high school in the age of slick-down don’t understand us puffy types. Though mine won’t go up or lie down, it just flits about my face, so I’m more tolerant of hairstyles. I figure if she has to wear wigs to get a style going on so much the better for wig factory workers.

I’m just curious about one thing. I’m sure the women is a fake and all that, but are you criticising her because she has pink hair? I have bright red streaks (not a natural looking red either) and I consider myself a devout catholic.

I am familiar w/ the ‘red’ streaks you have. A friend of mine, who is a part time youth minister, has red streaks as you describe. I think that is fun & youthful. Nor is it jaw-dropping! This big pink hair is clownish. I suspect she scared some of the children she was givng the Barbie-like dolls to. Preaching Christ and salvation is serious stuff! The more I think about her the more I wonder if some producers or directors, smarter then her, are taking advantage of her for $.

Jan Crouch is extremely strange…
Her hair is NOT streaked with red; her hair is:eek: pink!! (Think cotton candy; that kind of pink…and now that I think about it, that kind of hairstyle, too).
I find it very difficult to take her seriously, precisely because she is so peculiar. And she is not young, either; she is an older lady who for some reason has decided to have cotton candy :eek: pink hair. Very odd…:shrug:

Cotton Candy!! Yes, yes, that describes her hair perfectly! Does this doo bring her/ “the ministry” $$$?

Ha , I wonder if she’s trying to look like Frenchie from Grease:rolleyes:

I always thought her hair looked lavender, but maybe it’s all that studio lighting. She reminds me of an old time country western singer, like Tammy Wynette.

That whole program is like a variety show to me, with some old time religion thrown in.

I do feel that these programs are more showbiz, than God biz

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