Big Seminary question

I’m pretty sure that Im going to become a priest but I wanted to know am I forced to go to the seminary in my diocese or can I go to a seminary in another (arch)diocese? Note, if I have to go to seminary in my diocese then it won’t be a problem I was just wondering.

Jesus,our Lords peace be whit You.
If You are sure You want to become a priest,and You need to be sure,I wanted,but due the fact that I married,wich wos stupid,ended that way,however,my call is still whit me,and I am divorced,but this is not a ansver to You. Sorry. If You can choose where to go seminar I think it would be good to whit help from Your priest and the moderator of the seminar near You to think of this option. Going to a seminar close to home means that You have a part of Your “old” time,the one before seminar,and that is not always good. I would choose one as far as possible,but it is not always up to us whit that choise. So talk whit Your priest,he will give You advices much better then mine. I offer one Hail Mary for Your choise to become a priest,we need much moore priests.

You aren’t required to go to the seminary from your own diocese. If your diocese isn’t all that faithful to the Church (and many in the U.S. aren’t), then you should seek out one that is, and apply there. Fr. John Corapi did that. He checked out his own home diocese and applied and found out they would never ordain a man who didn’t support women’s ordination, and a bunch of other heresies. So, he went to a different diocese. When they committee was decided on whom to send to seminary, they came across his folder and saw a letter from his home diocese warning that no one like him should ever be ordained to become a priest. The guy in charge asked, “What diocese was that from again?” The guy that read the letter aloud told him, and he slammed his gavel and said, “Accepted! Our kind of man!” LOL

The diocese you apply to will have a set seminaries that they use and will decide which one to send you to. They may give you an option of which one but it will be a short list.

Nothing stops you from applying to a different diocese than the one you live in but it may not be that easy as dioceses do not want to appear to be “poaching” vocations from other dioceses.

You have lots of Catholic Freedom to do whatever you want in this case.

Think of joining any particular diocese as the same as any particular religious order.

God Bless

Mmm… maybe not.

If your diocese is going to be paying for your seminary education, then they are just in expecting that you will repay them with your priestly service. It seems a little disrespectful to me to turn away from the diocese that raised you. But again, there are issues that could merit going to another diocese. Perhaps God could want a person to serve in the diocese that is most in need of vocations.

This is the answer to your question. Thank you for discerning.

I would say it’s possible. Here at the seminary where I am, we have several such cases. Our rector actually comes from my diocese, but he has been ordained in the diocese of Providence. A seminarian here is from Delaware, but is studying for Providence. Another is from my diocese, but is studying for the diocese of Burlington. However, each usually has some link to the diocese for which they intend to serve. The rector may have grown up in the town right next to me, but he lived for a few years in Rhode Island, and loved it enough to be ordained there. The guy who wishes to be a priest in Vermont went there to college for a few years, so he wishes to become a priest there. I know of a seminarian who apparently decided to serve in another diocese because the one he grew up in was too urban, and he preferred the small town life.

However, I think that not every diocese will always decide to do it. Some may think your reasons for trying to join their diocese are questionable. It really depends on their vocation director or bishop. However, given the current lack of vocations, it might not be hard. I do recommend that you deeply think about switching to another diocese. It’s a big decision, because this determines where you live for the rest of your life. After ordination, it’s hard to switch. So be sure.

Also, always consider whether or not you’re called to become a religious priest, in which case you probably won’t be in service to a diocese, but to an order or a congregation. There, you’d have more mobility. However, do not allow simply join an order to be allowed to move around. Vocation isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Have you thought about investigating the Jesuits, Dominicans or Maryknoll’s? Every order has something special to offer our world!:rolleyes:

If the diocese you are applying to has a seminary, then they will want you there (ie Philadelphia sends their men to St Charles). Some dioceses, laudably, prefer to keep their men together even if they don’t have a seminary (ie GR sends all their men to Mundelein). Others will send men to several seminaries (ie Trenton and Harrisburg send to at least 2, last I heard).

Well, James, have you asked God where He wants you to go?

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