Bigfoot Body Discovered in Northern Georgia

I don’t know what to think.

			 					** 					DNA and photographic evidence of a Bigfoot will be the centerpiece of a press conference Friday in Palo Alto, being held by two men who claim they have located a body of one in northern Georgia.
				"I think you'll find that this is the real deal," said Robert Barrows, event publicist. Former correctional officer Rick Dyer and police officer Matthew Whitton, both Georgia residents, will not say where they found the body, or where it's at now.
				Redwood City resident and veteran Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi, creator of the documentary "Bigfoot Lives," says he spent the weekend in Georgia viewing the body, and that a team of scientists have been called in to perform an analysis.

i saw something about this on Fox news. i am a little worried though because they had the remains of bigfoot or something in a freezer that they said had broken. it was a frostless freezer and so they thought they had to put water in it. one man that did a documentary said that he went to see it and it was like 7’ 7". so i don’t know if he saw it in the woods or in the freezer. first they said it was frozen, but it didn’t look frozen the picture that i saw. i am not sure how they killed it or caught it or came across it.
i guess we will find out friday if there is a news conference held. after so many years of speculation, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

I’m a Bigfoot enthusiast and have been closely following this story for the last three weeks.

The individuals involved have little credibility within the Bigfoot research community. Yes, there is a Bigfoot community; a great many people who think that this is a yet uncataloged / undiscovered north american primate.

The two fellows from Georgia who “found the body” immediately launched a campaign to taunt, anger and insult the bigfoot research community at large. They then invited Tom Biscardi, a man who has made a career out of hunting for Bigfoot. Biscardi’s credibility is considered shot by many due to a hoax in 2005 (he said he had a body then under pressure revealed HE had been hoodwinked). In fairness, others feel he is a dedicated researcher with just a touch of showmanship.

Across the Bigfoot Forums ( is the largest. has the breaking news, but is being slammed by traffic), the argument is raging about the authenticity of all this. Calls of “show me the monkey!” have been going out for three weeks. All this evidence, and the “scientists” involved has been kept under a non disclosure agreement. The press conference was supposed to be Sept 1st. Why the move to an earlier date? Is it because the story is beginning to unravel?

If you are concerned about an animal body being stuffed in a freezer, don’t worry. If you have seen the photos you may notice that this creature which has been dead a month has nice, pink exposed bowel. I am a Surgical Technologist and I am very familiar with dead bowel. That isn’t it.

In my opinion, it looks like a suit.

We can only remain skeptically optimistic.

i thought it was a little suspicious that it came upon the heels of the montauk monster also which created a lot of publicity and curiosity. i had also heard of the credibility problem of bascardi or whatever his name is. when i heard the freezer had broken because they didn’t realize it was a frostless freezer and had put water in it, then i really began questioning the story. i guess the press conference is still scheduled for tomorrow.

we never have heard anymore of the alien video that was shown in denver a few months ago either.

My bet is that it will turn out to be another hoax. Having said that, I would be thrilled if it turned out to be true…

i agree. i guess tomorrow maybe we will have an answer.

even if bigfoot did exist, i’d bet that it wouldn’t be found in northern georgia. there is no way a animal that big could evade our discovery for this long.

I think the “body” looks like the gorilla from the movie “Trading Places” if you ask me:



I’m watching the video stream on CNN now… this is unreal.
I’m honestly not sure what to think. It really does sound credible…

If they do turn over the body, and perform this autopsy… :bigyikes:

I think you are onto something there Liza.

Only the guy in the freezer looks much meaner. There is no way this is the find.

Actually - I meant to say the “body” looks like the suit in the movie photo - not the gorilla!! :wink:

Really - if you look at the news photo of the find, that was the very first thing that came to mind!! :smiley:


Apparently even the Bigfoot believers aren’t buying this

ABC News
Bigfoot Believers: Discovery? Try Hoax.
Veteran Bigfoot Bounty Hunter Claims Big Find But Even Believers Cry Foul
By Ki Mae Heussner
Aug. 15, 2008 —
Even the Bigfoot believers aren’t buying it.
Three men have scheduled a press conference this afternoon in Palo Alto, Calif., to share the details surrounding what they claim is their “discovery” of a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, in northern Georgia two months ago.
Matthew Whitton, a police officer, and Rick Dyer, a former correctional officer, maintained they happened upon the corpse of a half-human, half-ape creature while hiking in the woods. Along with Tom Biscardi, an old hand at bigfoot hunting, the men intend to substantiate their bold claims with DNA evidence and photographs.
But long-time Bigfoot experts and trackers are almost certain the trio is taking the public for a ride.
“Discovery? It’s a hoax. It’s a Halloween costume in a box,” said Matt Moneymaker, president and founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.
Created in 1995, the group maintains a database of Bigfoot sighting reports and organizes tracking expeditions for interested members of the public.
Jeff Meldrum, a leading Sasquatch researcher and Idaho State University professor of anatomy and anthropology, is equally skeptical.
“There’s a whole number of things that raise red flags, in my opinion,” he said.

I caught the last minute or so on CNN. There were pictures! There was a man speaking about it! For an hour or so, I didn’t realize I had been snookered until I read something about a book deal.

I feel so used.

i think i heard that the dna was part human and part opposum.

i don’t think i would trust an autopsy done the people who held the press conference. an outside autopsy would be different.

i haven’t heard how this supposed bigfoot died. did they kill it or did they find the body?

with all the modern technology, why do they want to do these hoaxes?
don’t they know they can be proven wrong?

Let’s look at the logically.

First, we live in an era where the populous is skeptical. If someone tries to pull the public’s leg, they’ll pay for it in the end. The only way a hoax can be effective is if nothing can be proven against it, and/or it gives the hoaxer a certain amount of attention. However, the attention can be negative. VERY negative if the hoax is uncovered.

Secondly, Its extremely odd that a Bigfoot body would be discovered in Georgia. It has been my assumption that the Bigfoot creature has been sighted in the Northern states, more specifically the Pacific Northwest.

However, the fact that the people who discovered it have decided they will NOT try to make any money off of the discovery until the find has been proven…it complicates things. Though it must be taken into account that their promise could simply be a way to throw people off.

Also, their willingness to actually PROVE the find complicates things as well…It seems that these people have no skill for manipulation. One of them used their brother as a doctor to validate their finding. If they had brought it that expert in California, he may be the one who threw together some manipulative plot…BUt that appears unlikely as well since the whole thing seems clumsy…

If this is indeed a valid scientific find, then it has been made by the most selfish and greedy people imaginable. Sure they plan to validate it, but apparently scientific fame is not enough for them. I understand that many scientists would be making it easier and faster to validate the claim, but it appears that these people seem to be making it rather difficult by keeping the discovery completely to themselves, rather than contacting a more official source.

To tell you the truth, I believe that there IS such a thing as Bigfoot. But this case seems off for some reason.

We’ve got:

-No confirmation
-A greedy scientist
-Discoverers that sell bigfoot merchandise
-“contaminated” DNA results

It just seems off to me.

It appears my assumptions were correct.

Full story here

i am really confused now. i thought the dna came back that said it was raccoon. why was there already a picture of the “bigfoot” corpse not in ice in the freezer before the press conference?

so the two guys took off with the advance money? i wonder how much it was and where they are now?

can’t they be criminally charged now for committing fraud and collecting money?

There were two DNA results from two strands of hair. One was a human, while the other was a 96% match to an Opossum.

so the two guys took off with the advance money? i wonder how much it was and where they are now?

There is a rumor going around that it was $50,000

can’t they be criminally charged now for committing fraud and collecting money?

The article states that legal action will be pursued.

Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone being so illogical. Now, if they had used it as a publicity stunt, it would have ended when their careers and reputation was put on the line. However, the kept going. They signed legally binding contracts, and accepted money.
These two guys are incredibly stupid.
The bigfoot expert was also stupid to give them money in the first place.

My guess is that the two are back in Georgia now (or at least on their way, plane tickets might be easily tracked) or they are possibly staying with a family member somewhere else.
Family would be the only option since no one else would enjoy harboring frauds like them.
However, they have acted illogically before. Logically they wouldn’t go home…But their track record shows that they’d be stupid enough to do so anyways…

they are really stupid especially if one is a police officer and $50,000 doesn’t go far these days.

i thought the article said the DNA said it was part human/ape, but then i heard on the news it was opposum.

they just proved how easy it was to get money for fraud.

that is very sad when there are people out there who really believe there is such a thing as Bigfoot and are hoping for a chance to prove it someday.

The last “BIG” sighting came from my area. It was a mangy bear.

I truly do not doubt the possibility of such a creature, but I have spent most of my 51 years in the woods and have never seen anything approaching this.

If you want to be scared…see a whitetail deer male in the rut with nowhere to hide or run.


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