Bigfoot in the flesh? Man claims he shot the beast, put on display


[LEFT]SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN) – A man claims he shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas and says he has the body to prove it.

Rick Dyer has claimed for a year and a half that he shot and killed a Bigfoot on the northwest side. Now he’s giving people a chance to see it for themselves. He said, “Come in take a peek and listen to my story and see my evidence first hand and you can make up your own mind. This is just the hide. That is all. The only that is taxidermied is the face, the hands and the feet.”

Some people walked away unconvinced. One visitor said, “I saw the body. To me it looks like it’s the remnant of a bear rug.”

Paul Molter, a local hunter and skeptic, was hoping for proof. He said, “Does it convince me 100 percent, no. Is it physical proof that he may be telling the truth, maybe.”

P.T. Barnum lives!



Not that I believe this, but just the same: What else to do when confronted by a unique, elusive, long-sought biological specimen: kill it, of course.


I’ll believe it when I see a report of the hunter being fined or arrested for killing an endangered species.


He needs to call Dean Cain and claim that ten thousand dollar prize.


That is an utter and complete hoax and scam. The “mounted” Bigfoot’s feet were shown to have air pocket bubbles from faulty molding in the toe tips before suddenly being covered up in the exhibit. This man is also the one who claimed to have a Bigfoot body that he “found”, then kept in a freezer which turned out to be a gorilla suit submerged in a chunk of ice. He ADMITTED that was a scam. He has a criminal record in almost every single state ranging from non delivery for Corvettes sold on Ebay to Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Person. The idea was that he had shot this Bigfoot in a patch of woods behind a BestBuy store parking lot in San Antonio TX. That he then got it somehow up north to a northwest coast university where samples were taken etc THEN somehow he got the rest of the creature STUFFED and mounted and began to take it on a tour of the US. Imagine that. A new hominid taken on a tour without being under any more secure measures then being locked up in the back of a tricked out vehicle. The so called big reveal and press conference were all that DNA, MRI etc data results would be given has already been postponed over 3 times. He’s taking people once more for all he can milk out of the situation and can’t even get the UFO conference hall to host the display for him to make more money out of it then showing it in the parking lot of some gas station as he’s done for months now.


Well that’s just proof that there is a super secret international alien government conspiracy to discredit him.:wink:


The same goes for aliens as well. Consider yourselves forewarned! :mad: Rob



If this guy had a real dead bigfoot it would get him more money if he should up with it on the White House frount lawn with it. :smiley:


Bigfoot or not, why is that there is always some jerk out there who thinks they have to shoot and kill something to prove it’s existence? I am tired of trophy hunters. Unless you need something for food the animal should be left alone and allowed to live. The only other time any animal should be shot is if it is attacking another human being.

I doubt this is real and probably the guy is looking for a little glory for himself. Stupid.


My first thought when I saw this thread was, “Is this the World News forum? or the Weekly World News forum?”


UH, in that case, he and the dead bigfoot would end up at the bottom of some remote lake in Alaska, never to be seen again.

Personally, I would not have a problem with ONE of these things being shot and killed, for the proof that they do indeed exist. ONE BODY would put this whole debate to bed for good.

But then again, Ive heard plenty of people that have sent hair and other samples to labs only to have them lost or never get a reply back, it would not surprise me if this was done on purpose to keep such information from the general public.


Yeah, but he could still be telling the truth…


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