Bigger Government or Smaller?

Do you want a bigger or smaller government?

I work for the gubbermint. I want a SMALLER gubbermint. The first reason that comes to mind is the kind of humans I work with and for. Some are great humans. Some are petty pencil pushers like the one I talked to on break who was exasperated by some schmuck to whom they could have given a break as fast as this >snap< but chose to wrap in red tape. And that was just from being lazy and selfish. How about the ones who are bitter and imperious egomaniacs? This is a zero sum game. The more gubbermint, the less “you.”

How about more Church? More Church doing Church-y things the gubbermint has taken over to get control over your lives and votes? How about more foundations? More foundations to justify that non-profit status that the Michael Moore’s of this world now use to shelter cash to “grant” to rich friends? How about more business? More business working with the people instead of working the people over like George Soros and his sold-out media mavens and phony grass-roots organizations.

Let’s live like there is no gubbermint. At-cost food co-ops. At-cost rental units. At-cost energy co-ops. Interest-free loans to small business. Interest-free mortgages. Because I know and you know we will get more results and have more accountability with what we do than what the gubbermint does. They touch our cash and it gets wee. The abuses are getting very dark, like now asking for a declaration from potential government contractors of what political party they donated to. PS Does anybody know where that $3,000,000,000,000 (trillion) for “shovel-ready jobs” went?!? SMALLER GOVERNMENT!!! BIGGER SMARTITUDE! God help America.

Return the Catholic principle of subsidiarity to prominence.


The principle of subsidiarity works. It does not prevent every possible abuse of the system, but it enables those closest to problems to deal with them.

Think about the alternative: if the federal government oversaw everything, to whom could we appeal? In other words, if there is only one layer of authority, then any abuses of authority are unassailable.

I hear people saying “The government should prevent people/corporations from doing X” through regulation. I’ll tell you this: I’d much rather live in a country full of corrupt CEOs than a country in which CEOs are micromanaged by corrupt politicians.



Well said. I, too, have no desire to live in a country where the government controls absolutely everything. I seem to recall Germany tried that in the 1930s and '40s. It didn’t work out so well.

Smaller for sure - we could use less Joe Bidens and Nancy Pelosis.


So far it is 12 to nothing. I am confused why on some of the other threads about the deficit, spending, etc… there is so much argument and defense of increasing government.

Shovel-ready jobs? Sounds like something from Monty Python … Bring out your debt. Bring out your debt.

The best government is one that governs the least.


30 or 40 years ago they were shovel ready. But with all the regs and fees and environemtal tests and such, no longer. The Dems of all people should have known this. They couldn’t be that out of touch, or could they?

Give it time. Acorn still rounding up the voters. Just having trouble paying for the gas.


In the UK, small areas are regulared by councils. They are expensive, never represent what the people want and make ridiculous mistakes.

I’d rather get rid of them entirely and have a larger, more centralised system with more consistancy.

But then, smaller. I don’t want decisions being made about my city from miles away.


I said smaller. Get rid of:

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare
  3. Scale down Medicaid, for example no nursing home coverage for the elderly.
  4. Cut back defense spending, no more unnecessary wars.
  5. Eliminate all forms of corporate welfare, farm subsidies, tax breaks to specific industries, etc.

So your theory is rob from the poor? Nursing home coverage, medicare…

How can you rob from the poor? The poor don’t have anything to steal.

Your mind’s made up, absolutely, in a relative sort of way … maybe … you want government bigger in a small way? Or maybe smaller, in a big way?

Big government doesn’t work. When it comes down to it, we don’t want the government to control us or what we do. We have the 10th amendment for a reason although its been forgotten. One day the people of America will realize that the only way for this country to get back to its roots is for the government to get out of our business and just do the things necessary to keep us going.

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