Biggest struggles facing your/a vocation?



I was curious to know if anyone ever felt any struggle in their vocation, whether to the priesthood, religious life, etc.

Obviously, celibacy could pose some hardships on people when discerning, although it is rightfully practiced in the lives of those who serve the Church as priests, brothers, sisters, etc. Doubt would probably be another one, yes? The whole idea of “Am I doing what God wants me to?” has come across my mind before.

Anyhow, I was just curious to see if anyone felt like discussing their struggles, if any, within their vocation.



Absolutely. I’m 15 and think that I MIGHT be being called to the Priesthood. My feeling is probably not, but then doubts surface…

My family would be stunned and disappointed. That’s the biggest hurdle, really. They’d feel I was “giving my life away”. That, and the Priesthood is not easy. It takes total, selfless commitment, and a lot of the stuff you have to do is uninteresting. I’d much rather be a writer and a historian. And right now, I’m leaning that way. But I’m not sure, and it scares me.


I felt a calling to the religious life a few years after my husband passed. Then I met my true soulmate, so I assumed God had other plans for me. I struggled between these two callings, and it was never easy, and I was really torn over it.

We were to be married this spring, but he passed away last year. Now I know where my calling is, and I would never put myself through that kind of pain and doubt again by becoming close to any man.



"Do I do God's will or it's only my desire?" it's the biggest struggle facing my vocation to join religious order. Even until now I still think about it over and over again.
My vocation directress told me that every one has this thought even when she had joined. Until she said final vow then she really knows it.


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