"Bigotry" on the Bus


From the Washington Post…

The bus driver surveyed the situation and exclaimed, loud enough for the passengers to hear, “sodomites!” I’ve been so hurt and angry since my theoretically liberal and gay-friendly state passed Proposition 8 that I instantly replied, just as loudly, “Hey, I’m one of those sodomites, too!” Maybe I should have had a snappier comeback, but the driver was stunned. I’m guessing that nobody had ever stood up to him for saying something homophobic. The driver has a right to free speech and is entitled to his beliefs and opinions – and his bigotry – just like everyone else. However, he was a public employee in uniform, on the clock.
Once upon a time, I might have been too scared to say something, or I’d have just grumbled in silence. No more. In my anger, I wanted to immediately report the driver to the transit authority. But I found myself with a moral dilemma. What if this person was fired as a result of my complaint? These are tough economic times. Would he find another job? What if he was just having a really bad day? So for two days I thought about whether to report the driver.

The silencers are coming… no they are here…

The question, I guess, is: “would it be different if he made the remark about those of a different religion or political persuasion?”

I don’ t think so. Some things, you keep to yourself, when you are on the job. Assuming your employer cares about the public’s perception.

The larger issue of right or wrong is more important to us as Catholics. Homosexuals are to be accepted as human beings, sinners like ourselves; unjust discrimination is condemned by Catholics.

Whatever the bus driver’s personal views, it wasn’t a very professional thing for him to say to his employer’s paying customers.

What Barbarian and theistgal said. I’m sure the employer would be very interested to know that one of his employees was insulting paying customers on company time.

I sort of agree with that, it was unprofessional and inproper, but he wasn’t directing the words toward the customers. This is what I have problem with if you read the whole opinion piece.

“Hey, I’m one of those sodomites, too!” Maybe I should have had a snappier comeback, but the driver was stunned. I’m guessing that nobody had ever stood up to him for saying something homophobic.

Being unprofessional, is not a reason to call someone mentally ill. and in this case the writer has a national forum to do so, so is he not being just as unprofessional as a journalist as the bus driver? and besides what is a sodomite? Other then a person or persons that commit sodomy?

And then there is this point, after confronting the guy, which he admited was “stunned” by him standing up to him, he went ahead and reported the bus driver anyway, was it to promote equality? or was it inflict revenge?

So I finally stood up for myself and reported the driver to the transit authority. If someone were to say something racist, sexist or antisemitic, I would say something, even though I am white, male and non-Jewish. But I wonder, when a homophobic remark is made in a conversation among straight people, whether anyone is willing to say, “That’s not appropriate and I find that offensive.” I don’t know, but I hope so.

And on another point, he sites The Stonewall incident, which was a three day violent riot incited by underage teenage male prostitutes, drag queens and other patrons of the mafia owned “gay” bar.

The passage of Proposition 8 might be this generation’s “Stonewall,” the 1969 riot that began after an unprovoked police raid on a gay bar in Greenwich Village and that marked the start of the gay rights movement.

Thus, indicating that it is OK to riot because of the need to stop the bigots that voted for Prop 8 or because of some unprofessional bus driver?

Seeing the protesters (from what has been all over youtube about the vile behavoir of the protesters, it ahsn’t been reported by the mainline media) maybe it was little too much for the bus driver to handle mentally, and so he blurted out an unkind word toward the protesters, but this writer say to it justice was being done by trying to get this poor smoe fired.

But what should be really be scary is the thought that the national media should be used to “re-educate” poor bigoted Christians on thier attitude and frustration toward rioters in the street, which the media sees no problem as the rioters protest by cursing God, spitting on and threatening old ladies & street prayer groups, and harassing worshipers going to and from Church on Sunday, threatening to do harm to any that disagree with them on this very personal sacred issue, which the riots don’t give a hoot about except to use a politcally football to silence their critics. To me that is bigotry and it is scary they are getting away with it…

Well, for one thing, not all homosexuals commit sodomy. Lesbians, for example. :wink:

That all depends on how you define sodomy.

[quote=the definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary]anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex ; also : copulation with an animal

Disagreeing with a lifestyle is not an excuse to be hateful. What good did the driver think he would accomplish by saying that? You can’t gult-trip people into conversion- it doesn’t work. Did he really think he would convert them, or convince others around him to take his position by responding that way? I’m very disgusted by way that the gay subculture has infected our society the way it has, but I know how to make my opinions known without being hateful.

I noted in my own post that he was being unprofessional, but did it deserve to be raked over the coals in the national media? or for the offended, which did confront him, to attempt to have him fired? He said one word and was challenged for it. He did nothing violent nor, threatening toward the writer of op-ed piece when he confronted him. So what is the writer’s purpose? Where are the national media’s editorials about the behavior of the protestors?

Not to get too deep into it, but generally queer people have a broader idea of sex than most, and some may consider activities they participate in that don’t fall under that category to be sex.

Just like Clinton:rolleyes: ummmm

How do you define it?

Would he have preferred narcissist?


Sex feindist?

If you’re a sodomite, you’re a sodomite. What the guy said was the truth.

It’s okay to do it, and shove it down everybody’s throat so that the whole world has to be exposed to it, but God forbid a person refuses to pander

Probably this guy would have been all right, if he just hadn’t sneered at other people. When you are in a service industry, it’s pretty dumb to do it, and most likely, his employer wasn’t too pleased with him.

If you feel the need to do things like that, you should probably find an employer who tolerates it.

Just saying.

When did “behaving in a professional manner on the job” become “refusing to pander”? :confused:

Also, on a way more practical note - I’m not a “sodomite”, but I wouldn’t particularly enjoy hearing the word SHOUTED out the window towards a large, potentially unruly crowd, by the person responsible for driving the vehicle in which I’m riding. :eek:

I can tell you if it was aimed at Catholics, let’s say he yelled PAPISTS!, this board would be calling for boycotts most likely and going on about the horrors of anti-Catholic discrimination.

You can also bit the Catholic League would be in an uproar over this.

I work in houses all the time with people of all races and Religions.
Using your logic if I bump my head and yell out Kike then my job shouldn’t be in jeopardy because I didn’t know the owner was Jewish and I wasn’t talking about them personally.

Any sex act that goes against the natural law- that twists something beautiful that was designed by God for us to help him with creation into something evil and distorted. Homosexuality, bestiality, bdsm, and there are others I could name but I don’t really care to name them all.

Perhaps it didn’t need such widespread media attention, but you can’t say hateful things in public when you are on the job and expect to get away with it. The protestors wanted to make a statement. They wanted a lot of attention by doing it- and they sure got it! If people would just ignore them- not give in to their demands (including their demands for attention), they would throw a fit and pout, but they’d eventually get tired and quit bothering people with their views (just like little kids do).

Sure they will, they’ll eventually just stop. Just like activists for Pro-life, PETA, and War Child. Because the gay rights activists don’t really care, they just want their way like little kids. :rolleyes:

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