Bikinis are immodest - why exactly?

From another thread, but i got this was the general opinion: apparently bikinis are immodest to wear while swimming, at least among US Catholics.


It’s an honest question, and I’m really curious.

I don’t see one’s stomach and back as sexually temtping in any way, so I really don’t understand how a bikini is more ‘immodest’ than a one-piece.

To be clear, I don’t think one-pieces are immodest either, as there is really nothing sexual about arms and such… :shrug:

In my opinion, bikinis look like underwear. If I wouldn’t walk around in public wearing only a bra and panties, I don’t think a bikini is appropriate, either.

In my mind, bikinis aren’t very practical for swimming in, anyway. Every swimsuit I have seen on a woman who swims for sport has been a one-piece suit.

So, if a bikini is generally not “practical” swimwear, and it looks like under clothing, what purpose does it serve? Most of the girls/women I know who wear bikinis are doing so because they want to draw attention to their great figures by wearing minimal clothing at a pool or beach.

I used to wear bikinis, with a swim skirt, because I have such a short torso that I couldn’t find one piece suits that fit me. I am very happy I can buy a tankini now, instead of a bikini. :slight_smile:

Careful… you’re opening the “modesty” can of worms here… :smiley:

Opinions will vary… (and yes, this is filled with sarcasm… :wink: )
~Women should wear only skirts… pants are immodest…
~Bare breasts are okay for breastfeeding in any location, including Mass…
~Swimwear is only appropriate in the marital bedroom…

Opinions will vary all over the place… just wanting to warn ya! :smiley:

I am relying on my memory here… :confused:

I heard Jason Evert speak once and he explained that the belly button is the “window to the womb”, a most sacred part of a woman’s body, and therefore should be protected. He also drew an analogy between the “veil” that protects the Body of Christ in the tabernacle and clothing as a veil for the belly button.

My apologies to Jason if I butchered what he said. Maybe he’ll pop in an clarify if necessary!


When I think “bikini”, I think itty-bitty triangles of fabric that are designed to show off as much skin as possible.

I consider bikinis a subset of a larger category of two-piece swimsuits. Many kinds of non-bikini two-piece swimsuits can be quite modest.

To sum, all bikinis are two-piece swimsuits, but not all two-piece swimsuits are bikinis. Bikinis aren’t what could be called modest by any reasonable definition. But that doesn’t mean all two-piece swimsuits are immodest.

If you were to show me a picture of a bikini that you think is modest, my reply would be that it isn’t a bikini. Bikinis by their very nature cannot be modest attire.

Ok… I wear a bikini, and I do love really swimming, but I’m not a pro, so the few seconds the hydrodynamics a one-piece would get me in a one-mile run don’t do anything for me…

I love swimming in a bikini, finding it practical for any style, I love the feel of water against my skin, I love that my tummy isn’t cold and wet for a long time after I get out, I love the tan I get on my tummy and back…

After a baby, my tummy isn’t really perfect, I don’t really have a ‘great’ figure, and I’m always at the beach with my husband and daughter, so I don’t see how anyone would be attracted to me because of my swimsuit :confused: . My husband’s tummy is bare, and my daughter is naked, so why would I need to cover so much more? I really don’t think I’m tempting anyone :confused:

What about those Olympic Volleyball players? :stuck_out_tongue:

Editing to add… okay… you said SWIM… you win… :thumbsup:
But still… my point is made…

Wow. I’ve never heard of this…

I wear a two-piece swimsuit that … ummm … supports and contains everything, giving me the freedom to just SWIM! Because THAT’s the idea behind the whole swimsuit thing, right? Swimming?

So I’m not wearing a bikini by US standards? Or am I?

I wasn’t thinking about speed, actually. :wink: I was thinking that a one-piece suit is more practical because it is less likely to slip or come off.

I think this is where we are having a bit of a clash in cultures. And that’s okay. I certainly didn’t intend to offend anyone, just explain how someone could find bikinis immodest. :slight_smile: In my culture, bikinis are generally considered to be immodest.

I had the toughest time finding a cute one-piece swimsuit for my 2.5 year old, because I don’t like two-piece swimsuits, especially on little girls. But that’s me.

What kind of clothes do they wear? :blush: Sorry, I only follow gymnastics. :smiley:

Yeah, lots of mystics gaze into their omphalos, searching for their source, male and female, but I don’t get why men shouldn’t be required to wear T-shirts at the beach, using the same logic. They have belly-buttons as well, linking them to Eve, etc.

I imagine your two-piece swimsuit is just fine. :slight_smile: My nieces wear true bikinis, and I cringe. They’re giving it all away to anyone who looks! But I have seen plenty of two-piece suits that are attractive, practical, comfortable and not immodest. My own suit is a two-piece, and it covers more than most one-piece suits!

Only the topic of discussion… bikinis in the sand… :smiley:

May and Walsh are AMAZING! You should watch them play!

Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard of a difference between a bikini and a two-piece… You live and learn… :wink:

My husband covers his chest in public, even at the beach. :cool: So, we’re holding each other to the same standard.

Mine, too. This is the one I have (it’s a nursing tankini swimsuit):

I’d wear this TO the beach, THROUGH a town :smiley: . Once there, I’d undress to my actual swimsuit. :smiley: :shrug:

Just pointing out cultural differences. I actually find the suit quite aesthetically pleasing! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Then you aren’t wearing the typical American bikini. :smiley: I would post a picture of one, but I can’t find just a suit – The photos all have women wearing them.

Because bikinis are worn here in the US to elicit a response of attraction. A deliberate attempt to tempt a man to look at/fantasize about you sexually is immodest. Even though my swimsuit is modest for the beach, it is not modest for Mass.

I wish that were the case here! :smiley:

Nope, no scars… And my husband is tall and thin, so he’s “attractive” by most people’s standards. It’s just a modesty thing. :wink:

I spent most of my childhood outside the United States, so I know how odd some of these American notions may seem. :rotfl:

I don’t wear a bikini for this purpose… that’s not fair to assume everyone’s motivations are the same.

I love the color of that suit!

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