Bill aims to cut teaching of religious doctrine in Tennessee classrooms

No Tennessee public school course could include anything deemed “religious doctrine” unless the course is taught in 10th, 11th or 12th grade if a newly proposed bill becomes law.

The bill from Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, comes on the heels of complaints from some parents in several communities as to what their children are learning in middle school about Islam.

That’s why Tennessee has so many Homeschoolers.

Public schools have no business teaching doctrinal beliefs about ANY religion. Courses in comparative religion in the context of history are a different matter, and even here care must be taken by the teacher not to express partiality toward or against any one religious system. Further, the instructor must be sufficiently well-informed to teach such a course. But the kind of teaching which involves specific religious beliefs and practices should be reserved for private religious schools, houses of worship, pastors, and parents. Just as with regard to politics and sex, we should strive to keep the teaching of religion in public schools outside of the classroom.

Well said. :thumbsup:

I agree, and these comments especially should be seen by the liberal PC crowd that’s largely scared to death of offending Islam.

If this were about Christianity, the PC crowd would be going crazy to stop it.

It appears to me that they need to take a closer look at existing law.

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