Bill Clinton gets into heated exchange with Benghazi protesters [CNN]


Bill Clinton gets into heated exchange with Benghazi protesters

[quote]Clinton was interrupted by the protester while he was discussing his experiences during 9/11, part of a speech he was giving for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The protester started by explaining that he served two tours in Iraq and was “anxious” to talk about the troubles at the Department of Veterans Affairs. But before Clinton could respond, the man brought up the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks, which claimed the lives of four Americans during Hillary Clinton’s waning months as secretary of state. The issue has since been cited as a reason she is not qualified for the Oval Office.

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton asked.

“The thing is that we had four lives in Benghazi that were killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the man responded.

The crowd – clearly displeased – responded in a chorus of “boos.”

“Those four lives, those four American lives, if someone lost their grandchild, their son, their brother,” the individual shouted over the audience’s booing.

Clinton thanked the man for his service, insisted that the room settle down and asked for a chance to respond.

“I heard you, can I answer?” Clinton said while the man continued to shout back. “This is America – I get to answer back.”

Security escorted the man out of the event. “Do you have the courage to listen to my answer? Don’t throw him out. If he’ll shut up and listen to my answer, I’ll answer it,” Clinton said.

While Clinton continued to respond, another woman began to shout.

“Hillary lied over four coffins of our military men. She lied,” the woman shouted while being escorted out of the event.

This has been in the news all day, so one might as well post it.

These people are very brave to protest in Hillary’s party.

yes. I am glad they are doing it though! they are brave.

The Clinton challenger was a nicely dressed young man and delivered his comment in a dignified manner - of course it was uncomfy for Bill and his fans. The voice of truth had to escape to clean air, but the country seen and heard him! Good going War Vet & Patriot
Thanks for your service!




Funny…I always thought that the rules of civility and decorum prohibited things like this.

Would any here be so responsive if someone were to interrupt the pope during an address with claims of hiding priests who abused young boys?

Or is it ok because its against someone from the other side?

I wouldn’t be comparing the importance of what Bill Clinton had to say to a speech by the Pope.

I suppose that it would depend on what the pope was speaking about but when it comes to civility and decorum both men deserve the same amount of respect.

Or do you think that it is acceptable to interrupt speaking engagements simply because you either disagree or just don’t like the speaker?

Doesn’t that set a precedent that allows the other side to interrupt anything that you are attending?

This is how things happen nowadays. The protestor speaks up, makes their point and gets escorted away. It’s not a crime. This happens fairly frequently.

Candidates have been protested for as long as I can remember;

So, in 2012, when Rick Santorum was protested, we could make the same comparison. Trump has been protested in a number of places. So, we might be comparing, er, never mind.

Were their protesters per Junipero Serra? I do believe when the Pope went to Cuba, dissidents came out, not to protest the Pope but to protest the Government of Cuba, I believe that was in the news.

Its also not a crime to interrupt a priest during a homily but I don’t think any of us would consider that to be an acceptable act.

again I would not be comparing a homily given by a priest to a campaign speech by Bill Clinton. 2 different settings - a campaign rally vs. a church during Mass.

Actually, “is it a crime?” has been brought up; but actually creating a public disturbance, being a public nuisance, etc. is something that can be prosecuted. It’s just a minor offense, a misdemeanor.

And people believe Trump to be unqualified for office. And someone who commits what is essentially treason and is leading in the demoKratic polls.

Go America.

I’m so happy they are standing up!

There is very little civility and decorum in society these days. Look at the presidential debates and the ridiculous, demeaning insults that are exchanged. No doubt protestations go back a long way in history; but the process began accelerating in the late 1960’s and today, lack of civility, rudeness, and hurling insults and accusations rule at all kinds of public events, private interactions, and…online.

Do not use character substitutions in proper names, such as “Amerikkkans” or “Demonrats” or “Repubicans” etc.

Just a friendly head’s up. :slight_smile:

This is life. It is how it is.

It is how it is if it is permitted.

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