Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls', Virginia Giuffre Says In Unsealed Document

Alan Dershowitz has taken to Twitter to deny the relationship but he has not denied being there. Al Gore’s name has also come up. So far the allegations have not been that Clinton was involved but just that he was on the Island which Bill Clinton denies.

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They both traveled and socialized with Epstein. I’m not sure what makes these allegations against Clinton particularly reliable…they could be true, but they’re still just allegations. I do find it distasteful that Trump boasted about their mutual love for “beautiful women” including “young ones”. But no that doesn’t prove anything…its just distasteful.
Of course Trump was also a pro-choice Democrat at the time, as he was for most of his adult life, which means those who defend him here would have been quick to condemn him at the time…:P.

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You got that right, just as we condemn Joe Biden for changing to a pro-abortion Catholic.


In fairness to Trump, he said that Epstein liked them younger, so maybe Trump didn’t commit statutory rape.

Good point. Certainly better than all the pictures Trump is with other women.

Perhaps like Donald Trumps?

Anyone and everyone who was party to Epstein’s trafficking, including current or former presidents if guilty, should be tossed from a helicopter into the ocean. Not sure why this is political. Human traffickers should be executed upon determination of guilt.

He’s in enough trouble with Stormy Daniels.

Apparently not. And her extortionist lawyer is in jail.


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Everything is political now. Everything is believed or disbelieved based not on the weight of the evidence but “does this help or hurt my side?”


Of course. And Joe Biden should be condemned for that (or rather, his position should be condemned).

Perhaps you can educate us with the way SDNY works. Or do we have to ask Barr to remove the redactions again?

I agree. Let’s see.

Biden is for open borders and giving illegals the vote.
Biden is for raising my taxes.
Biden is for supporting abortion including with taxpayer money.
Biden is going to re-impose the Obama abortifacient mandate on the Little Sisters of the Poor.
Biden supports Medicare for illegal aliens.
Biden opposes fracking (and therefore energy independence)
Biden claims to convert the country to 100% renewables.
Biden wants to raise the cap on Obamacare subsidies (currently $80,000/year for a family of four)
Biden took his talent-free son on Air Force Two to China to make trade deals which brought in $20 million to the Biden family. So he’s beholding to China.

I wouldn’t vote for him for even half those reasons, let alone all of them.


It has seemed largely political to me. But it probably isn’t in all cases.

Because the average citizen has never heard of Dershowitz, and wouldn’t care.

Doesn’t excuse either man if they were guilty. But why do you think ex-presidents every make headlines for things others do not? Why was it a big deal when the Patriots owner Robert Kraft or the florida massage parlor that supposedly was tracking girls from abroad, when like 30 other dudes were also listed? Because no one cared if Steve Johnson, auto-mechanic, was found on the list.

Surely, you should be able to actually place Trump on the island then… Sheesh, the differences between Clinton and Trump’s association with Epstein has been discussed ad nauseum on here.

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Well, we all know that abortions are 85% of abortions are performed on unmarried women, so sexual morality would go a long way to reducing the number of abortions in the US, but we continue to select leaders that are incapable of this. But Trump’s supporters don’t care anyway, as evidenced by

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All the more reason to me risen with Biden…thanks for reminding us!

And who knows how much Ivanka’s made with her China patents and trademarks?

Well, it isn’t like she gets free rides on Air Force One.

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