Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls', Virginia Giuffre Says In Unsealed Document

We have been through this before. The U.S. is an outlier. Worldwide, most abortions are by married women. Neither you nor I has been able to provide the explanation for the difference. But it doesn’t matter because your purpose is to accuse Trump of being an “abortion generator” due to his having had sex with his second wife before their marriage. Now you want everybody to assume he had sex with Stormy Daniels. Your objective, of course, is to accuse prolife people who are Trump supporters of being inconsistent.

The whole exchange is just anti-Trump nonsense.

There are no few abortion-supporting Catholics around. More’s the pity.

If they’ve had abortions, they are excommunicated automatically by Canon Law. But you knew that.

I’ve explained the difference as the different ways that people in other cultures view birth control. That is, your average Russian will not use a condom when having marital relationships, but will abort a baby they don’t want instead. Disgusting, but there it is.

In the US, birth control is widely used, hence there aren’t many pregnancies in the bonds of marriage that result in unwanted children, hence there are far fewer abortions among married couples. The vast majority of abortions are performed on unmarried women and those result of sexual relations outside of marital bonds. Yet many Republicans glorify this in Trump, demonstrating a clear hypocrisy and causing the pro-choice crowd to question the sincerity of those that are pro-life.

To my understanding, she has no patents there. She does have trademarks. But anybody can generate trademarks and register them. The only requirements are that they aren’t deceptively similar to some other trademark and that you pay the registration fee. You don’t get a dime just from having a trademark. If her product didn’t sell, she lost money.

That’s a long way from getting Communist Party controlled banks to invest $1.6 billion in an investment firm in which the principal guy has no experience, and from which he has already earned $20 million just from getting a fee for handling the money.


Glorify what in Trump? Using birth control? I certainly doubt that.

His sexual relations.

I’m pretty partisan but I would think exposing this type of stuff would be something that would bridge both sides.

Nonsense. Never have I seen a prolife person glorify his having had sexual relations.

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Many Republicans do. The pro-life supporters mostly stick their head in the sand, fingers in their ears and pretend it didn’t happen.

This of course is totally different than getting a particular foreign bank to invest in someone who’s filed for six bankruptcies.

I’ve seen some here try to make a big deal about the fact that Mrs. Trump is Catholic. What they don’t mention is that this is Trump’s third, and presumably invalid, marriage…that their son was not baptized Catholic…and they do not regularly attend Mass. I’m not judging her…just saying celebrating her as a Catholic First Lady is a bit odd in that context.

That “particular foreign bank” was the reason for at least one of his Chapter 11 filings. It refused to refinance a “balloon” loan and tried to get its hands on his assets. He stopped them with the Ch. 11 and later sold the assets at a large profit. That’s part of what Ch. 11 is for.

And that same bank loaned him money even after that. Big business is a different world from consumer financing.

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That would be a good topic for Evangelicals to discuss. Imo

Ones who regularly attend Mass say, weekly, have a lot better stats.

As they say “chick magnet”, billionaires and celebrities may have to put up with such at times. Women throwing themselves at them… maybe… like maybe some rock stars have had to deal with.

Evangelicals believe in repentance and forgiveness. I’m not sure anyone could interest them too much in old history of sinfulness when one has reformed.

This is just making excuses for behavior that results in abortions.

“AIDS bait” Probably most avoid them.

True, but Doesn’t detract from my thanks for you listing the myriad reasons to vote for Biden rather than Trump. Keep up the good work!

I understand the courts won’t release this information so I won’t accept it as fact.

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