Bill Cosby resigns from board of trustees at Temple University


Two weeks after a a number of women have come forward with rape and sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby, the performer has resigned from the board of trustees at Temple University.

Cosby attended the university on an athletic scholarship in the 1960s. Temple initially signaled earlier that it would stand by him. Temple follows Berklee College of Music and U Mass Amherst, which earlier cut ties with him.

Andrea Constand – who reported Cosby to police for abuse in 2005 and sued him in civil court after the district attorney decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute – was an employee of Temple University as coach of the women’s basketball team.

Patrick O’Connor, the current chair of the university’s board of trustees, was one of Cosby’s attorneys in the Constand suit.

The case settled out of court, but a number of the anonymous “Jane Doe” witnesses who were slated to testify in that suit have come forward to the media in the past two weeks.


What a shame. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but I am always suspicious of this kind of thing. Cosby, at times, was openly critical of many in the black community. Again, I don’t know if its revenge, but I am willing to withhold judgement.



This too has been my thought. I’m not a Cosby fan. At times he has been a little too liberal in his views on race. Now that he has aged he has become much more conservative and vocal when it comes to race relations these charges come up.

I don’t know if he did these things and if he did then he should pay a price, most likely in the next life. But what comes from all of these allegations at this time. Some of the allegations are decades past the statute of limitations. The only thing to be gained is the discrediting of Cosby. He can’t be prosecuted and he can’t be sued for, I believe, any of these charges.

Some of the stories I heard were pretty unbelievable also. At least two of the stories were very similar. Supposedly Cosby invited the women to his apartment gave them a glass of wine and a pill…AND THEY TOOK THEM. What was their thought process at that time if it is true.

I don’t know. If he’s guilty he’ll have to face the Lord. In this life he appears to be beyond any type of punishment.



I have mixed thoughts on this. Why now??? Here is a man who has brought
so much joy to millions. I know he has come to our city many many times for a
fundraiser for one of our Catholic High Schools.
What good is it doing to damage him at his age? It is hurting him and his wife and it is
hurting all the good work they both do.
Too many women all at the same time??? Something just does not fit here.:(:(:confused::confused::frowning:


very sad, God bless all of them.


This guilty until proven innocent society that we have turned into is scary. I have no idea if he is guilty or not, but we’ll likely never know the truth unless he confesses.


The US Navy has revoked Cosby’s honorary title of Chief Petty Officer, which it conferred on him in 2011.

“The Navy is taking this action because allegations against Mr. Cosby are very serious and are in conflict with the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment,” Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in a statement.


This is what happens to black men when they don’t toe the liberal line. So sad.


Think about the quote; “The Navy is taking this action because allegations against Mr. Cosby are very serious…”

Not convictions. Not even legal charges. Just allegations.
So much for presumption of innocence. :rolleyes:





I don’t think toeing the liberal line is the issue here.


Not revenge, but many in the black community simply do not like hypocrisy. Apparently Cosby’s reputation preceded him.


no one like’s hypocrisy, but he has been persona non grata for a long time because of his racial views.


I was thinking the same thing. Why so late in the game? Then there’s Michael Jackson. Then there’s the odd Joan Rivers death after announcing who she didn’t want at her funeral and for what reason… Coincidences? makes for interesting discussion.


What does Joan Rivers’ death have to do with Bill Cosby’s not “toeing the liberal line”? The comedienne “banned” Michelle Obama from her funeral most probably in jest, calling the First Lady a transvestite. (She also “banned” Chelsea Handler, whom she called a drunk, and Adele, whom she called fat.) That was the Joan Rivers brand of humor–raucous, loud, take-no-prisoners, distasteful to some. Are you suggesting a liberal conspiracy linking Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, and Joan Rivers? Anything is possible in this world of ours but this seems to me rather far-fetched.


I dunno. It’s probably nothing. Bill Cosby allegations are decades late, but better late than never. Michael and Joan died during routine procedures. Breitbart dropped dead. Just seems odd. Probably nothing.


Raucous, loud, take-no-prisoners…. I just see her as rude, insensate, heartless, cruel and thoroughly mean-spirited:

I hope she’s found some peace in the afterlife.


I think you misunderstood what I said.
I mean the black community, particularly the African-American celebrity Hollywood types, have known about Cosby for quite some time. So when he got on a high horse and started preaching values, their attitude was “who are you to be preaching to us?” That’s when the flood-gates opened. A former producer of his TV show still has copies of cancelled checks Cosby wrote to women for hush money.
Maybe some of this is bogus, but there’s too much smoke to be nothing to this.


I am absolutely no fan of either one of the Obamas, but this is really far fetched! Brietbart? Ok, maybe there would be some plausible reasons to think that there was political foul play involved in his death, but Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers? Not so much


Are you assuming that he is guilty of the charges made by women, many years after the alleged incidents?

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