Bill Donohue & the Catholic League: "There is no on-going crisis"


The Catholic League issued a prickly written rebuttal to this week’s Pennsylvania grand jury report revealing rampant child sex abuse by priests — insisting that news of an ongoing pedophilia problem in the church is “a total myth” and that “no one was found guilty of anything.”

“There is no on-going crisis — it’s a total myth,” Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic anti-defamation organization, said in a claim that was quickly met with scorn and disgust.

“In fact, there is no institution, private or public, that has less of a problem with the sexual abuse of minors today than the Catholic Church,” Donohue wrote in a tweet that linked to a longer statement on the organization’s website.

I might never retrieve my jaw from the floor after reading Donohue’s latest bout of idiocy.


Par for the course for Donohue, nothing new.


I lost all respect when he defended Fr. Pavone’s use of an aborted fetus the day before the 2016 election. But this… This is truly something else.


Donohue is a clown. He makes a living doing this kind of thing. It’s good for donations to his phony organization.


Yes, very entertaining. But an acquired taste. And often misunderstood - some people make the mistake of taking him too seriously.

I’m on the edge of my seat with a huge smile, waiting to burst out in laughter, and my eyes wide, every time I hear him speak.


I am not sure what the Catholic League is about, but if it is to be a spokesperson for Catholics and the church in America, I wish they would choose a new spokesperson. I am always embarrassed when I see him on tv.
How long has he been the spokesperson or president? Time for a fresh face and a
fresh voice.


I’ve stopped following him years ago.

His twitter rant ended up in my feed.



WELL that’s very unhelpful. how many will read and take it seriously


That was another low point.

That baby deserved a funeral, proper garments, and burial.


Sorry Grace but I disagree.

There is tremendous focus on the Catholic Church but the sncidence of these crimes is not endemic, it is typical. And the response is not aberrant, it is typical. It is fair for Catholics to expect more. But there has been more. The self study and is beyond what any other organization has done.


So…you’re good with Donohue’s minimizing rhetoric?


If you mean repudiating the idea that this is an ongoing problem, that is is particular to the Catholic Church, that the 60 plus years of cases all just happened yesterday, …
Yes. Because on those matters he is right.


Donohue: “[N]ews of an ongoing pedophilia problem in the church is ‘a total myth’”.

Eh, no it’s not. There clearly is an ongoing problem. His comment is factually incorrect. Next up: his point that pedophiles exist everywhere. Honestly, this is THE worst thing to say in response to what’s happening. No one is disputing this fact. People, however, rightfully expect that Catholic priests are going to be better than others in rejecting abuse against children. They’re representatives of Christ. My kids’ gym teacher wasn’t ordained.


I actually agree mostly with Donahue. There isn’t an ongoing crisis. There are however serious problems still as McCarrick shows.

This grand jury went back fifty years. Most of what they recorded is well past the statute of limitations. This is just a rehashing of the first revelation. The grand jury was obviously political as can be gleaned from reading their report. That they don’t do this to other institutions shows their bias clearly.


It depends on what you mean by problem. There are still incidents, but I don’t think there is widespread abuse. And I don’t think it is covered up as much. McCarkick makes me less trusting of the last statement.


A “ring of predatory priests” in the Diocese of Pittsburgh — George Zirwas, Francis Pucci, Robert Wolk, and Richard Zula — shared intelligence about their victims, and were “exchanging the victims amongst themselves,” the report says. These priests allegedly produced child pornography on Diocesan property, including parishes and rectories, and used “whips, violence and sadism” while raping their victims.

Reading something like this, does anyone find it comforting to hear someone claiming there is no on-going crisis? The optics alone for crying out loud.


This was before I was born and I’m not young. Yes, that is disturbing. But these are just allegations. They may or may not be true.


Some of these priests have admitted their guilt. And some of the allegations are from the early 2000’s. That’s not exactly ancient history.


Have you read the Pennsylvania report?
What is the most recent case? What was the the protocol followed in the cases? How has that changed over time?

Why? The Christian faith is not magic and does not pretend to be magic. It is a place in which sin can be forgiven by grace, and be sinful ways can be remedied by practice. We are a church of sinners sanctified and saved by the unmerited love of God.


A priest acts in persona Christi. We don’t really have to go into detail about why priests acting as Christ should be trusted not to sexually violate children, do we?

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