Bill Heard Enterprises Folding Dealerships Nationwide

One of the nation’s largest car dealerships has closed sales operations, possibly forever.

Bill Heard Enterprises Inc., which operates the Bill Heard Chevrolet dealership in Plant City, closed its sales operation there this week, said Paul Baker, executive manager of the dealership.

“It’s a shame,” Baker said, adding that he thought the era of gigantic dealerships is over. The dealership traces its roots to 1919, just 11 years after Henry Ford first produced the Model T automobile.

Maybe its just me, but it seems car dealerships are way too top-heavy. Aside from giving you a test drive, they don’t offer anything that you can’t get off the internet. And they take a big profit which I would rather save.

Downsizing car dealerships seems like a good idea.

i agree and most of the car dealers i have known are as greedy as anyone.

they are dirty and take advantage of the consumer.

i have no sympathy for the car dealerships who fold.

i hope some kind of safeguards will be put in place after all this to protect the consumer for the greedy people loaning the money.

People should stop trying to get something for nothing. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

no, i think there should be honesty in the financing and purchasing of vehicles and there is a lot of dishonesty just as in the financing of a home or a refinancing. they find a way to put in a lot of hidden fees.

i don’t really feel sorry for the employees who work at the car dealerships, because they are agreeing to work for a dishonest business. how they sleep at night, i do not know.

of course, i have always heard that the car dealer actually makes more money from the repair department than the sales.

Bill Heard does not have a good reputation. I’ve been in the auto business for nearly 14 years and here’s my take:

On the surface (it’ll take a while for the true story to unveil itself) two things really stick out:

  1. all 13 stores closed
  2. GMAC pulled its floorplanning

When you combine these two it just stinks of mis-management. How do you get so deeply into trouble that you have to close all 13 stores? Even the most idiotic retailers will shutter the poor performers and keep the bread-n-butter stores open while they regroup.

As for the floorplanning, there’s only one reason GMAC made this decision: it saw a hopeless cause.

BH can spin it any way they want and they did by saying these drastic measures are a result of "rising fuel prices, a product portfolio of mostly heavy trucks and sport utility vehicles, economic recession, unfavorable local market conditions for vehicle sales, the crisis in the banking and financing sectors, and other factors all combined to create a business environment in which the company simply did not have the resources needed to continue to operate.’’

Wait! You forgot to blame the Pope, the weather, and your goofy brother-in-law!

If this was the case every Chevy dealer would be doing the same. But, fortunately not every Chevy dealer went to the Bill Heard school of management.

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