Bill maher crucifying catholics

The notoriously anti-religious HBO talk show host, Bill Maher recently featured a three-minute segment on his “Real Time with Bill Maher” show, slamming Catholicism, and in particular Catholic priests, just as one-billion Catholics worldwide observe Ash Wednesday, the start of the forty-day Holy Season of Lent.

Maher specifically edited and perverted one of the highly-effective national commercials produced by the lay-Catholic charitable outreach organization,

Catholics Come Home respond:

Bil Donahue responds to the overstated Philly problem, none of the suspended 24 Priests have been found guilty of anything:

Brace yourself, it’s Lent. This sort of thing always happens at this time of year. Life gets tough for us faithful Catholics. I always find myself going “what on earth is going on! Everything is going nuts” in my own life at this time of year, then I remember what time it is! :wink:

I saw this article on Zenit about this: -

  1. It’s Lent, as noted above. Expect some lame ‘Primetime’ type expose on the “Jesus Legend” too.
  2. Mahr ratings are down. Gotta do something to make some buzz, and catholics are much safer targets than muslims. That other cheek thing, you know… :wink:

Bill Maher is another misguided individual who aspires to the Obama liberal rhetoric that is buckling America. As hard as it is, we have to pray for this type of person that they might see the light of a misguided world we live in. “Hurt” him with votes in the next election!

Actually, it’s more like FORD putting out an add today, when they had the nerve to BUILD, and produce a PINTO knowing full well that the car would explode if it was rear ended. Yet, they chose to produce it anyway, it was deemed cost effective.

No One denies that what happened was wrong. No ONE denies that a handful of people really messed things up for the rest of us. No One other than a Catholic FEELS the pain.

You think Bill is aware he fulfils prophesy? The Church will be attacked by evil… and will not prevail.

What is that exact quote?

Ashame he’s so angry, I found the Catholics Come Home site not long after I joined here, and found it very reassuring.

For what it’s worth, I can relate to Bill’s bitterness. I fell away from my Catholic upbringing in childhood, and was once as angry and nasty towards Catholicism as Bill is. I think there’s a bit of a “pendulum effect” involved, when someone falls away, they *really *fall away… and it just takes time to for things to swing back again :wink:

I don’t know if I can ever “be Catholic” again (still considering it though), but if nothing else, since coming here my bitterness has washed away and I’ve found a newfound respect and even admiration for your Faith.


I highly recommend reading about Padre Pio, Man of Hope… and any of the other books about him.

For some reason this book made things click with me when I was questioning what in the world is going on with our Church…

May God bless you!

Notice how uncomfortable his guests look in the link. They’re coming on to talk politics, world events, etc. And Bill goes off for five minutes on a religion practiced by the U.S.

Bill Maher is a comedian and he thinks himself funny. He’s not a social reformer, but a social degrader. He’s here to entertain and his entertainment is the equivalent of giving the small kid a swirlie in gym class.

Great suggestion! Padre Pio is so inspiring…:slight_smile:

I really used to love Bill Maher a few years ago. I know that the majority of Catholics who use this site are politically conservative and so it’s likely that most people here have never liked Bill or any famous liberal for that matter. That’s ok, I’m not here to debate politics. I just find it so sad that Bill feels he has to wage this war against faith. With his horrible film Religulous and various attacks like the one mentioned above he has declared war on all faiths.

I know he’s been an atheist for a long time, but I never had a problem with him having his own personal beliefs. So he’s an atheist, that sucks for him. If I were a friend of his I’d try to gradually and gently persuade him that he’s mistaken, but since I don’t know him I can’t try to convince him of his error. But now he’s gone from atheist to militant atheist, he’s become a faithless version of the people he despises so much (radical fundamentalists). Instead of being content to let others believe as they will he feels compelled to attack faith at every opportunity relying on lies and exaggerations to achieve his goals. It’s very sad.

At the same time I do hold out a sliver of hope that his rage is that darkest hour before the spiritual dawn for him. I’ve noticed that most of the time it’s the people who are indifferent about religion who are really lost and hardest to reach. But those who rail against it, those who fight with you do have feelings about faith, even if for the moment they hate it. These people are more open (whether they know it or not) to finding God than people who simply go through the motions with no thought or feeling or are so indifferent that they don’t even bother with the formality of going to church anymore. Just look at C.S. Lewis for instance, who rebelled against God for so long only to become one of the most famous Christian apologists of the century. He was converted from being cold to being hot, not from being lukewarm.

With that said, I won’t hold my breath waiting for Bill to find God and repent. However, what I will do is pray for him. Maybe you could too? The Lord asks us to pray for those who persecute us. Who knows, maybe our prayers will make the difference?

After listening one time to Maher’s anti-Cathoic rants, my initial aversion to him has become a revulsion.

I hate to say this, but when I see Maher, I immediately envision an albino anaconda with a really ugly comb back.

One thing I love about Bill is that he mocks ALL religions. At least all the Abrahamic faiths. I wish he’d do a little more with neopaganism, personally. I think he’d find it as rich a vein of silliness as anything else. Unfortunately we’re not evangelical enough to make anybody like Bill angry enough to bother with us. We make lots of guys on here angry, but none of them as yet are funny…

I can understand some of his criticism towards religion, yet Bill Maher takes his anti-religious views to such a extreme you could pretty much call him a bigot. I never really watched his show but I did see his Religulous movie. I can understand some of his criticism towards religion. He claims he hates ignorance yet he himself blindlessly supports Israel. Also how is Communism and Nazism a religion, Bill Maher?

You make me smile to hear that. At least you no longer harbor bitterness in your heart. I welcome you to keep growing and keep seeking.

Like a carrot for an athame?

Don’t worry, you can!

There’s something really ugly about these bits, imo. Unlike some comedians, Maher really seems to get off on them. Contrast that with South Park’s creators, who also mock religions… I’ve never felt any twisted satisfaction from them like I have with Maher.

Havard is onto something. When comedy like the Simpsons makes fun of religion is comes off as a harmless juvenile prank. Mahr’s kind comes of as hateful and bitter.

It’s the difference between drawing a caricature of somebody versus using a baseball bat to actually change his appearance.

What does one expect from Bill Maher?

God, I can’t stand that arrogant, condescending so-and-so. May God forgive me for that, Will have to take this up at confession next time.

But still, I hold out hope that his beliefs are changed and he comes to see the truth. If not eh CC truth, at least the Christian truth. :o:thumbsup:

Like a lot of things! The white suburbanite practicioners who insist on being called Lady Raven Moonfeather or somesuch. The 300 pound unwashed hairy dudes who live in polyamory with hairy unwashed women and a tribe of kids. Some of the abysmal drum circles. The apparent requirement that all Dianics be lesbians AND fire spinners! Where athames are concerned, my favorites are the stories where some guy gets arrested, usually in the UK, for having some kind of Rambo/elephant slayer survival knife or box cutter or some sort of nasty shank under the front seat of his car, and then claims it’s his ritual blade…we have a lot of good funny material that’s going to waste!:smiley:

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