Bill Maher: It’s ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Quaint’ & ‘Nonsensical’ to Think 2nd Amendment Can Prevent Tyranny

Maher really ought to study history…


There have in fact been armed societies that have gone into tyranny, however.


… might be worth perusing


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Would it be wise to take up arms against a ‘perceived tyranny’ in America?

Here’s a thought. America with the most powerful and advanced military in the world has been unable to defeat the Taliban in a country slightly smaller than Texas after over a decade of fighting them because of primitive tribes with small arms who use gorilla warfare tactics. :slight_smile:

My comments will have no effect upon the “anti-gun True Believers” who populate this and other such firearms discussions, but what makes the Bill Maher such an expert? My other question is why is any observant Catholic watching or listening to the anti-Catholic, anti-clerical apostate Bill Mather? Isn’t listening to his rants an occasion of sin?
How much does anyone want to bet that he has a concealed pistol permit, or if he doesn’t he has professional armed bodyguards?
I dearly love these elitist hypocrites who the public dote on without thinking!

I will agree that it is a ridiculous notion to think that a group of individuals located somewhere in the United States could rise up against the military might of the federal government. Depending upon the action, the state and local authorities would be the first involved. Apparently, there are grown ups who still harbor a desire to play “army.”

Still, it doesn’t negate the fact that the 2nd amendment has been recognized to allow for the private ownership of guns. Both sides need to settle down.

The issue of sovereignty is being contested vigorously right now, even as we speak, between the various states and the Federal government.

Guns, religious education, health care legislation, secular education, energy policy, use of medical marijuana, Medicaid, immigration and border security, environmental issues … the list is endless.

Read the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

Would it come to armed confrontation?

I do not know.

But ask Sheriff Arpaio for his opinion.



There is a reason why some people read … study the U.S. Constitution and its precedent documents AND the Federalist Papers. And debate court cases.

And there is a reason why some other people stand up in front of a bunch of other low-information people, make jokes and poke fun at everybody else.

Many years ago an untrained rag-tag army of ordinary citizens armed with mostly privately-owned guns took on the most powerful military empire of the day and defeated them. Maybe you’ve heard of this event: It was called the American Revolutionary War.

Yes … but, it’s sometimes best to avoid a full frontal massed infantry attack. [Charge of the Light Brigade, sort of thing]

This ain’t the movies. This isn’t Hollywood.

Hollywood is a bunch of “actors” … people who mostly can’t do anything real. Like change a light bulb.

You pick your battles and choose your own strategy and tactics.

Americans practically invented some tactics based on American strengths and the enemy’s weakness.

You attack the enemy’s weaknesses … ancient Chinese writings. Sun Tsu.

Sun Wu, style name Changqing, better known as Sun Tzu or Sunzi, was an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher from the Zhou Dynasty. Wikipedia
Born: Qi
Died: Wu
Books: The Art of War, The Book of War
Movies: Art of War

And you learn from reading the history of “taking up arms”.

People have done this before.

Check out your local public library.

Read, read, read:


Every utterance by George Washington was a prayer, an invocation to God and a thanksgiving to God.

Read all of George Washington’s speeches … they are all brief and they ALL beg God for His intervention.

Absolutely right.

And it took a LONG time … eight years or so.

And the British “secret police” hunted down all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Many of the signers died.

And George Washington lost most of his battles.

And thousands or tens of thousands of Americans were taken prisoner and many died in prisons.

And four times as many American soldiers died of disease than died in battle.

AND, when George Washington retreated from Brooklyn to Manhattan, he was unable to get his troops across the river before dawn, which was when the British were going to attack and annihilate the Americans … and out of nowhere, a sudden FOG arose from the surface of the river … unprecedented … and masked the remaining evacuation.

Divine Intervention?

You decide.

here is nothing to prevent the coming police state with the media telling you what is right or wrong.

It’s ridiculous and nonsensical that anyone listens to Bill Maher.


Especially on topics like Constitutional law or firearms. I believe my 13 year old is better versed and informed.

Don’t sell your 13 year old short–only two subjects?

There are decent arguments out there that can be made in defense of saying that small arms can protect against the government. This however, is not one of them. At that time the “ragtag army” had basically the same weapons as the government they were fighting. This is not even close to the same thing anymore.

Further, while I said there are decent arguments for this, I don’t really buy into them. Rifles and handguns are no defense against tanks, bombs, and fighter aircraft. If the US actually launched a full on assault against the terrorist, we would win. A politically correct war drags on forever and has no winner. That is the biggest problem in places like Afghanistan, not the fact that the Taliban has guns.

Despite my previous posts, I must agree with this as well. He is the Glen Beck of the left.

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