Bill Maher - Sign the petition

Here is the link from spirit daily.

If you wish to do something about this then here is the link to sign the petition.

I called HBO last week and also Emailed the CEO. Maher gave a half hearted apology last week…disgusting.

Way to go Monicathree:thumbsup: ; it really is disgusting. Hope you signed the petition too.

I didn’t see it. But I signed the petition anyway. Cable tv and the anti-Catholic rhetoric are out of control.

I think they had over 20,000 signatures tonight. Does anyone know if Bill Maher or anyone from hbo has responded to all of this lately? His apology last week was not an apology at all. I think he said that “technically” Pope Benedict wasn’t a Nazi, that he was forced into it, but then he repeated lies & insults. No apology! It seemed like Bill Donahue from the Catholic League let him off easy.:mad:

Bill Maher apologized for his comments, but why were you guys so offended and yet no one mentions how the cartoon show called Family Guy on Fox broadcasting channel showed a cartoon version of Jesus getting out of the shower and a baby watching him dry off VERY slowly. :eek:

Where’s your petition for the boycotting of that show?:confused:

Actually, this HAS been discussed.

Do you have anything important to say, or are you just a troll?

I watched his so called ‘apology’ and all he did was put out his ignorant views that Catholic priest are pedophiles out to the mainstream media. He showed no form of being sorry for his actions. I will gladly sign this petition; Im really tired of seeing anti-Catholic views in every corner of this American culture. (One of his ‘apologies’)

Ryan29, I have to disagree with you.

#1. He NEVER apologized. Could you find me one quote where he even came close to saying, I’m sorry, or, I apologize for offending millions & lying about another person? Like a coward, he could barely admit he was wrong. He said, technically, you Catholics are right because he was forced into the Hitler youth thing.
OK, that’s akin to saying that Mrs. Smith had sex with John Doe, when in fact, John Doe raped Mrs. Smith; & then claiming that technically I was wrong because John Doe had forced himself on Mrs. Smith.

#2. In his so-called, non-existent apology, he just continued the lies & insults. It is flat-out wrong to say that Pope Benedict was in charge of priests during the sexual abuse crisis. He had another position at the time. He only became in charge of dealing with this in 2002, & most experts agree he has done a great job correcting the problems. The Catholic Church has done more in the last few years to protect children than any other institution. Certainly more than public schools. Calling it a pedophile cult is ridiculous. You & Mr. Maher really need to check your facts more.
Note for future: repeating same lies & insults is never a good technique for apologizing.

#3. I agree that the Family Guy episode sounds sick & offensive:eek: . I am as shocked as you:eek: . Had I seen it (not likely) or heard about it, I would have sent an angry, respectable e-mail. Mighty Q mentions plenty people here complained about it. I believe him.
As demented as the episode sounds, it is not full of slanderous lies about a highly respected person or a religious faith. Maher has a long history of making even worse comments about the Catholic Church. It’s a hobby for him & people of all backgrounds are sick of it.

I hope you actually read & listen to some of our responses. We are not just nuts out to fire someone. Take care.

oh I think I will be signing this petition and maybe contacting them again…what a full of bunk non apology that was…
Hey, did anybody notice his hand gestures when he said the point about the Nazism…maybe a subconcious body signal…

A troll? No, more like a cowbird.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen that discussed so I was just passing the story of my outrage that Christians should be having more than a deep cable Marxist that is just a typically left minded individual.

You know what Fr. Benedict Groeschel would advise in a circumstance like this: pray for his conversion :wink:

The irony is that if everyone was an enlightened liberal atheist like maher, he would have no one left to mock, then his career would be over.

I thought the quote about a cowbird was just for the thread about human-cow chimeras. I didn’t know you put it on all of your posts. What does it mean, if you don’t mind my asking…

I am happy to sign this petition. I do not have HBO but am sick
of all the anti-Catholic remarks that people get away with most
of the time.

Bill Maher is an idiot. Always has been. Nobody of any importance pays any attention to him. His audience is made up of want-to-be-intellectuals and people with sophomoric attitudes who think he is an intellectual.

Unfortunately, activities like this are exactly what he wants. Based on the comments here not many people on this forum watch his show. Keep it that way and ignore him.

I was greatly disappointed when the Deacon giving the homily at Mass this last Sunday started with references to Bill Maher’s statements. The Deacon had never heard of him until someone directed him to outrage about his comments. My guess is 90% of the people had never heard of Bill Maher. Now they have.

Lack of attention is his greatest enemy.

Bill Maher is a very sad man, everyone should pray for him, The Holy Spirit can work miracles!:slight_smile:

A cowbird is the speckled egg in the nest among the green eggs, that’s how an atheist among Christians feels. The speckled egg is odd, but has more to say than the green ones. :slight_smile:

In nature, the cowbird is placed by his mother and hatches among birds that aren’t his own species and he pushes them out of their own nest all the while the mother bird feeds the cowbird. Yet, this kind of evil nature is God’s divine plan? I would like that explained to me. :confused:

Hey, that was an interesting link, thanks. Too many years ago, I took zoology & vertebrate zoology, & I have never heard about the cowbird before. I honestly thought it was something you made up for the chimera thread.

It enjoys a wierd, parasitic life cycle, but I don’t think animals acting on instinct in nature can be characterized as good or evil. We may villify some species, like sharks, but predators are not evil while prey are innocent. Parasites aren’t bad while hosts are well behaved. Death is a part of life. It is only when free will enters the picture that good & evil play a role. The animals can only act on instinct. I think God wanted the cuter birds in heaven sooner…

Anyway, thanks for answering me & for teaching me an entirely knew thing. Wait a minute, if you’re a cowbird, are you going to start sucking the life out of us or killing the rest of us off?:wink:

BTW, I know what it’s like to feel like an outsider on certain sites. You are very welcome here. There are lots of people of different faiths & backgrounds here… :tiphat:

Never you mind…:stuck_out_tongue: but actually it’s more out of a quest for knowledge than a hostile invasion. I am looking for understanding even if I can’t be convinced (right now).

Well thank you for your kind words. By the way if I could find a smaller sized one so it wasn’t so pronounced I would be happier, but it does help me find my posts when I scroll…:smiley:

Sure, Ryan29, I appreciated your response. There are other atheists & former atheists here, & plenty of people with tons of knowledge to share (me, not so much, but I still try…:o ). Your profile mentions you’re a student. Best of luck with your studies & your quest for knowledge!

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