Bill Maher thread

What happened to the Bill Maher thread? I cannot find it.

There is a thread under “Catholic News”?..

I noticed it is gone to, probably got canned for being too controversial.

I think it went the way of his acting career:D

Seriously, was Maher ever an actor? What was he in?

(Why do Leno and Letterman still have him as a guest? I always hit click when I see him)

Very little according to Mostly low budget movies and guest shots on TV series – most notably 2 episodes of Murder She Wrote.

On a somewhat postitive note Maher did acknowledge he crossed the line in stating that the Pope was a Nazi as a youth.

He is still anti-Catholic however.

Bill Maher seems an angry bitter man with a grudge…we should pray for him

I assumed he was an athiest. I pray for him, Scott Adams (Dilbert author), and Christopher Hitchens, the God is not Great “author”. Please don’t tell me of any others, with all the other stuff, I have to start getting ready for bed right after dinner!

Why put “author” in quotes? There is no doubt that Hitchens is an author with books on many subjects.

I understand…its difficult but I know it helps…I sometimes prayed for Britney Spears…

You’re correct, Richard. I shouldn’t have put “author” in quotes. Regardless of how I feel about him, he was the author of that book. Thanks for pointing that out.

I knew if I kept reading this I would have to add someone to my list. How about I just add “all Hollywood starlets” to my list? That would just about cover it.


“Hollywood Starlets”…kind of sexist? :wink:

Hey what has Scott Adams done? Other than poke fun at corporate America?

I think Scott Adams is an atheist, isn’t he? Have you read his blog? You might also read God’s Debris. It’s interesting and thought provoking, but hardly Christian. I agree he’s funny and read his strip daily, but knowing his religious beliefs give a different slant to his comics, particularly the recent Jesus series. He contends it was run during the holy season by accident. For the record, I don’t believe him.

well where i’m from they don’t even run Dilbert in the comic section. It’s usaully in the Bussiness section or Washington post magazine

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