Bill Nelson to offer ISIL legislation


Sen. Bill Nelson will introduce legislation that would give President Barack Obama congressional authority to bomb Islamic State forces in Syria.

As bipartisan outrage poured in Tuesday after Islamic State of Iraq and Levant extremists claimed the execution of another American journalist, the Florida Democrat because the first lawmaker to offer concrete plans for legislation that would clearly give Obama an OK from Congress to strike at ISIL in Syria.

“This will ensure there’s no question that the president has the legal authority he needs to use airstrikes in Syria,” Nelson said. “We must go after ISIS right away because the U.S. is the only one that can put together a coalition to stop this group that’s intent on barbaric cruelty.”

Nelson will introduce the bill as soon as Congress reconvenes from a long recess next week, potentially complicating leaders’ plans to pass a government funding bill and swiftly recess for the November midterm elections.

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I don’t see this as having any problems passing. Thoughts?


Here is the press release from Sen Nelson. Looks like he is serious.

Nelson will seek authority for use of force in Syria

By Howard Altman, Tampa Tribune
Aug 28, 2014
Sen. Bill Nelson, just back from a trip that took him to Turkey and Ukraine, says he will raise the issue of the use of U.S. force in Syria against the Sunni insurgent group Islamic State when the Senate returns from vacation and takes up the 2015 defense spending bill.

He also said it is conceivable that U.S. special operations forces could be used to help train Ukrainian military far from the battlefield.

“There’s a legitimate question as to whether the President has the legal authority to go into Syria, unless he determines that American lives are directly threatened,” said Nelson, speaking to a small group of reporters at the Tampa Convention Center before the U.S. Special Operations Command change of command ceremony. “Not only do we know now that lives are threatened — an American was beheaded and the other journalist ISIS holds, his parents are from Miami, I think the President can make the legal case that he has the authority.” However, said Nelson, “Since there would be no question, that’s why I will bring this issue up when we bring the defense bill up.”

Nelson, referring to journalist James Foley, whose beheading was released last week in a YouTube video, and journalist Steven Sotloff, whose mother just made an impassioned plea for her son’s release, said he will likely join forces with Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona in his efforts.

“We’ve got a real problem with ISIS,” said Nelson, using an alternate name of the breakaway al-Qaida affiliate. “And we need to go get ‘em now because if we don’t now, we’ll have to deal with them in the future. “This is a group that knows no boundaries of human decency.”

Nelson said the airstrike campaign, initiated by U.S. Central Command on Aug. 8, has been effective in stopping the group’s advance in Irbil and near the Mosul Dam. Centcom officials on Thursday announced that to date, there have been 106 airstrikes across Iraq.

“But the head of the snake is in Syria and if you want to kill the snake, you need to cut off its head. We can do this, and I think the announcement two days ago by the administration that they are putting in surveillance flights, manned and unmanned, is a clear step in that direction.”

The next step, said Nelson, “is to get the pinpoints through our intelligence of who we need to … put in the cross hairs.”

To protect U.S. or allied warplanes and drones from the Syrian government’s robust antiaircraft systems, Nelson said that the U.S. would have to “jam Syrian SAM missiles” and be prepared to recover any downed manned aircraft.

Nelson said that one reason to take action against IS in Syria is that they have threatened to “raise the black flag in the White House” and have every intention of trying to pull off an attack on the U.S.

While not advocating for U.S. boots on the ground in either Syria or Eastern Ukraine, where the government is battling rebels and say the Russians have invaded, Nelson said that it is conceivable for U.S. special operations forces to train Ukrainian military in the western part of the country, far from the battlefield.

Nelson said that the biggest need expressed by Ukraine’s leaders was for intelligence. But with their military “riddled” with Russian spies, Nelson said that would be a risky proposition, but one “we are going to have to take. We can lessen that risk by giving them tactical intelligence on the battlefield.”


Looks like there is momentum for this. Sen Feinstein seems to be on board:


Congress should give the president full authority to attack ISIS targets anywhere on the globe with any assets we have including special operations forces. Do it now before it is too late. As much as I dislike President Obama we have to come together to confront this threat. No politics, there is too much at stake.


No, because America can no longer be trusted. How easily this could turn into a campaign on behalf of the Free Syrian Army against the Syrian government. I think the important thing for Syria is to destroy ISIS, the Al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army.


Quite frankly I don’t care who does or doesn’t trust us. We should seek allies where we can but we have the abililty to do what we want, when we want, whether anyone else likes it or not.


I don’t think that’s going to happen.


I voted “no” for one simple reason: Why doesn’t Congress do something they haven’t done in 73 years and actually, legally, declare war?


You declare war against another country. ISIS isn’t a country.


We should expect America to clean up messes in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, when they had a large role in creating those messes in the first place ? Somehow I just can’t see a country where Barack Obama is a 2 term President, being capable of doing the right thing.


Well I can’t really argue with that but he won’t be president forever and the American people have come together before. Hopefully it will happen again.


Seeing as the US created ISIL, and created the mess in Iraq, and sponsored the barbarity in Syria-no.

The last thing the world needs is more Imperial Revanchism by the world’s troublemaker.

I agree with Seamus that it would simply be used as a pretext to bomb the forces of the Syrian people, as the US wants access to Syria’s oil and wants to punish Assad for staying by Russia.

The world doesn’t need more “freedom bombing” or “Liberty bullets” or “democracy depleted uranium rounds”.


No nation is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but there is no moral equivalency here. We are the good guys, they are evil incarnate. If we don’t stand together and fight them now then they will eventually come for you wherever you are. Who if not the US is going to stop them?


The idea that the US created ISIS is a fiction. ISIS came from al-Qaeda in Iraq and we fought them, we didn’t create them. My son personally fought al-Qaeda in Iraq.

If you want to know the history of ISIS see the following:
The history of the Islamic State traces back to the early days of the Iraq War, when it was founded under another name by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Columbia University’s Austin Long explains the back story behind one of the most well-organized and violent terror groups in the world.


Yes, it’s true the US didn’t create ISIS. Yet it spawned from foreign fighters. It is why Al Nusrah Front, Hezbollah and Arab States all fight and reject them. They are psychotic killers from the every region including Asia, Africa, the UK and the US.



I’ll sign off tonight on a positive note. The killing of the journalists may very well be showing us that ISIS is weak. For if they were intent on hurting us, they would attack the US homeland or someplace where we have an interest. Instead they simply killed unarmed journalists that they had in custody; the easiest prey they had available. That is a sign of weakness, even in their view of the world.


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