Bill O'Reilly and DailyKos

Not sure if this is where this goes…

Bill O’Reilly has been talking about all the hate web sites on the internet.

The DailyKos is a left blog with a substantial following. The site has alot of language on it so I am not sure I can post it.

The DailyKos is having it’s 2nd annual convention this weekend and top candidates for the presidency were in attentance. Estimated 1500 in attendance.

Many senators and representatives didn’t show due to the congress and last minute bills that needed to be cover over the weekend.


Its probably best to pick one of the topics you listed and post a link to the news story…then my thought is it would go in Secular news…

I have heard of some of the topics you posted…the more I think of it is…it would be better in secular news…don’t forget your news link:)

Well so far they have thrown out a uniformed soldier out who dared question one of their get of Iraq now panels.

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Well so far they have thrown out a uniformed soldier out who dared question one of their get of Iraq now panels.…kos_conven.php

Thanks for the link.

I was afraid to post their page. I don’t believe I can post a link about the democratic candidates who attended.

Bill O’Reilly’s name is all over the internet on blogs. They really hate him.My twenty-three year old son asked me who he was because he had seen his name so many times.

I believe O’Reilly lost an afiliate station in San Francisco because of these internet sites.?

You mean the nospinzone guy. More like the billspinzone.

It a shame the Democrat party treats this hate group like a legimate politcal group. Whats next -speeches to the KKK?

The sad part of this is that the DLC invited the same Dem candidates and they did not (or are not) going. They are going to Kos instead.

As for O’Reilly, anyone who has watched him more than once knows that he gets at both sides.

He does indeed and his interview with a certain senator was most enlightening. When I was a child, there was the concept of “the solid South” as in everyone being Democrats. Not today…“the world turned upside down”.

I love Bill O’Reilly…watch him every night on Foxnews at 8pm! Yah, lately he’s been on the dailykos’ butt about how they traffic in hate…they say things like Tony Snow should die of cancer and stuff like that…real vile and disguising. I checked out the site once for about a few minutes and had to stop b/c it was so disguisting some of the things being said! The democrats are only going to the Kos convention b/c if they don’t, then they will become the object of the dailykos’ hate and they don’t want that! Shame they don’t have a backbone to stand up against that evil stuff.

I had a negative view of Bill O’ Reilly, and the fact that I usually switch on “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” in the 8pm slot if there’s nothing else on did not do much to help this. It was only after seeing how many times O’ Reilly ended up in the ‘worst person in the world’ segement that I started to form the opinion that maybe Olbermann is either unbalanced or obsessive. So when I ran across O’Reilly’s newest book “Culture Warrior” while browsing the new section at the library. I was pleasently surprised and I think alot of people on this board would find his viewpoint on the culture war very interesting. Not to mention, Bill O’ Reilly is one of our ranks. :wink:

Hi RhyannaRose,

Here’s some thoughts about Olbermann by The Catholic League.

I know Olbermann is way slanted to the left. And O’Rielly is way slanted to the right. Both but a spin on things in their preferred light, so it is no big suprise. I like Olbermanns sarcasm, but I have to sit through his bias to get through it, and O’Rielly comes off as downright hateful at times, and the same goes for Sean Hanity. There’s enough hate and bias in this world that I’d rather not watch it on tv and sift the disdain out of the program to find the news, which only takes about 5 minutes if you wait till the top of each hour to get the “Breaking News” flashes. Bleh.:shrug:

It doesn’t seem like liberals like to have their ideas questioned. You don’t see many liberal message boards on the net that allow conservatives to voice their views. This is probably because liberals are not tolerant in general. I know there is one board that is infamous for banning conservatives. So it doesn’t suprise me that that happened.

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