Bill O'Reilly Rages Against Rep. Jason Chaffetz Over Gun Control

Being a Canadian, I don’t know much about the procedures involved in purchasing an AK-47 but I don’t see how any intelligent person can be opposed to having 60,000 rounds being reported to the Government.

Please correct me anyone who has more knowledge, but this is my understanding of this topic from my own experience with firearms.

There is no special procedure or restriction in most states in the U.S. for purchasing an AK-47 or an AR-15 unless restricted by a state assault weapons ban (as in only a few states). Most states, like my home state of TN, as long as one is legally able to purchase a firearm one can purchase an AK or an AR.

It is important to note however that on the civi market almost all AK-47’s and AR-15’s are semi-auto, one round per trigger pull, and are functionally no different than a semi-auto hunting rifle or semi-auto shotgun both of which are very common for hunters here. The only difference between these weapons is a more military appearance and their ability to accept larger capacity magazines. (btw pretty much any semi-automatic pistol can accept extremely large capacity mags as well).

In order to purchase a fully automatic AK or AR or other weapon, one needs a special tax stamp from the BATFE, this only applies to full autos manufactured before a certain date or pre-ban weapons, and these are EXTREMELY expensive (talking well over $10k) if you pass the checks for the permit from BATFE.

For an affordable way to purchase a full auto (post ban), one would need a class 3 manufacturer’s license from BATFE which the permit itself is EXTREMLY expensive, plus one gives an automatic search warrant to any law enforcement, waves certain other rights, and must provide certain documentation annually that you are running a business of some sort with the license.

I normally agree with Bill, but he simply doesn’t have all the facts on this topic, as most of the American public doesn’t.

As far as tracking how much ammo is purchased, how would that work exactly? Many people stock up on ammo over time, such as preppers and survivalists, or just average people who buy ammo in bulk because it’s cheaper that way, also hunters may keep a large stock for in the future when ammo may be more heavily taxed or priced.

Having a large amount of ammunition does not automatically make one a potential criminal, nor should it put one on a watch list. Most gun crimes, including murders, are committed with small cheap pistols with very little ammo.

Et tu, O’Reilly?

First of all, I’m not sure why O’Reilly would categorize an AK47 as “heavy weaponry” akin to ‘bazookas and mortars’. Any gun collector can tell you that the AK round is a fairly small round, certainly smaller than most hunting rounds.

Pluse, every report I’ve seen has listed 6,000 rounds, not 60,000.

But aside from that, no one buys that much ammunition at one time. To get what O’Reilly wants, you would have to track EVERY ammunition purchase in the country, create a database, and have it monitored for people who buy a certain amount of ammunition over a certain period of time.

(“Sorry, Mr. Scipio, we need to talk to you. You bought 500 rounds of ammunition in less than 3 months”)

This may seem eerily familiar to my fellow MO residents when buying cold products with pseudephedrine.

It sounds a little Police Statish to me, and I’m not one to throw around that phrase.

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