Bill to Cut Penalty for Abortion to One Euro Defeated in Irish Legislature

The penalty for having an abortion in the Republic of Ireland is 14 years in prison.There is strong foreign pressure on Ireland to legalize abortion, pressure from such sources as the United Nations and pro-abortion groups. This attempt, just made, to allow abortion there was overwhelmingly defeated by an 81-26 vote in the Irish legislature.

One euro!
Sick, sarcastic joke, mocking murdered babies! :mad:

There’s still some hope for Ireland.
The so-called “United Nations” and the OTHER demonically driven groups won’t give up, though.

Thank God

The penalty for lying about being suicidal to get abortion or for giving one illegally is 14 years. Will never be enforced. Kind of stupid if you ask me. Anyway, I’m not surprised it was defeated. They just need to wait a year or so and abortion will be legalised via referendum.

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