Billboards proclaiming ‘Jesus is Muslim’ getting people upset

Billboards that are being displayed in parts of Ohio are certainly getting people talking. The large advertisements have been paid for by a local Muslim organization and say things like, “Jesus is Muslim,” and “Mohammed is in the Bible.” As WSYX ABC 6 reports, this has some people outraged and others defending the message.
The billboards are promoting Ask A Muslim, an organization that is, “dedicated to educating you about Islam, giving you a chance to hear about Islam from practicing Muslims.” Kenneth Tour, who became Muslim five years ago, spoke with WSYX. He said that the point of the billboards is to get people to learn about Islam, and that, “When we say Jesus is Muslim, someone who is Muslim, what that means is, someone who submits to God.”


Jesus loves all of God’s children, aspecially the misguided and the lost. Let the Holy Spirit bring light to the Muslims in Ohio.


Some Christian apologist should set up a debate with this group and, for its members, demolish once and for all the ideas that Jesus was Muslim and Muhammad was predicted in Scripture.

Agreed. It’s certainly the right of the local Muslims to pay for billboards advertising their faith, even in a provocative way. I’ve seen enough “HELL IS REAL” ones paid for by various Christian groups to last a lifetime, and I’m sure those are at least as annoying to nonbelievers (and us believers who think there has to be a better way to start the conversation).


Went to that site (ask a muslim site, that is) and, well, could not easily find out where to “ask a Muslim” anything. It looked pretty much like “read what a Muslim wants to tell you dot com”

A dangerous site with all kinds of twists and turns. Like “Muslims are Christians” and “Jesus talked about Muhammad”…

Very much a site designed to tangle a few webs in an attempt to pick low hanging fruit. :frowning: And I can see it working on some who aren’t the wiser.

I visited the site as well. It is beautifully designed and simple to follow. No room for questions of discussions, though. The message is wrong but the delivery is professional and straightforward.

We don’t have a site that answers a few direct questions about our faith. Instead, all our sites are thick with tangled apologetics and justifications.
Maybe a simple “Ask a Catholic” site would be a good way for the Church to communicate with the world.

One thing I think about Muslims, they have a healthy respect for Allah(God).
They will give up their life for Him!
WE are called to follow Christ, and are told to
SUBMIT to one another out of respect for Christ,(1 Pet 5:5)
who prayed for our unity! We HAVEN’T done that!
Look at the Christian Church, it is divided into hundreds of
factions! May God HELP us!

I won’t ascribe a sinister motive to the people who put up the site or signs (for all I know they truly believe everything on their site), but I agree about the “twists and turns” you mention. The “yeah we are Christians if you use our specific definition of the term versus the normal definition of the term” argument should send up warning signs that the information is shaped (intentionally or not) toward a certain conclusion.

Islam isn’t a monolithic faith. While not as divided as Protestantism, it’s not far behind it in terms of internal and long running divisions.

We live in a free society so the best thing is to fight fire with fire and put up billboards that say Jesus isn’t Muslim.

It’s all good. Those putting up billboards are free to say this now. In time, they will not proclaim that Jesus is Muslim, but rather “Jesus is Lord,” to the glory of God the Father.

But Jesus lived centuries before Muhammad was ever born, and probably a millennium before Islam had any religious clout in the world.

This is why I don’t see how they can claim Mohammed is in the bible :confused:

How blessed these muslims are to live in the USA…

To have the freedom spout pure B.S. must be protected and has been protected with blood. My ancestors blood. Hope they appreciate that fact.

religious freedom and political freedom is taken for granted by most…

Unfortunately, the First Amendment does protect lies, as long as they are not slanderous or libelous to a living person.

Don’t like what’s on the billboard? Offer the billboard’s owner more than the Muslims are paying, and he’ll put up whatever you want to say.

The same way we claim Jesus is in the OT – prophetic passages placed by an omniscient God.

I don’t agree that Muhammad is referred to in the Bible, of course, but then the Jews don’t agree with us that all those passages of their scriptures we cite refer to Jesus.


That makes sense. Do you happen to know which passages they think indicate Mohammed’s “coming” (for lack of a better word)?

Like anything, they’ve been refuted. Except they havn’t exactly been refuted, but rather outright disproved without any room for rebuttal.

They sometimes claim that Muhammad is “the spirit of truth” found in John. Utter ridiculousness, but such is the case.

They also believe his name is mentioned once in the Song of Solomon for whatever reason. I’ve also heard them say that Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet and yet John said one will come greater than he; therefore Muhammad. What they fail to do is keep reading…

Muhammad is no where to be found in the Bible. Not even close.

^ To add to what DRonald mentioned, Muslims point to one or two Hebrew words in the Song of Songs which sound(s) like the name of Muhammad.

Muslims also bring forward the passage in Deuteronomy chapter 18 which speaks of “a prophet like Moses”, arguing that this Jewish patriarch and Muhammad have various things in common.

Please see “Are there Prophecies about Muhammad in the Bible?”, “Is Muhammad predicted in the Gospel of John?”, “The Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18”, “Who is the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18?”, and “Was Muhammad the Prophet like Moses?

It is not the same way. Christians claim Jesus is God. The NT refers to passages in the OT that show Jesus is God, especially Jesus himself who spoke about David and who’s Lord is his Lord. (Matthew 22:41-46)

I don’t agree that Muhammad is referred to in the Bible, of course, but then the Jews don’t agree with us that all those passages of their scriptures we cite refer to Jesus.


Jews basically don’t really bother about what Christians think about Jesus. He is nothing to them plus aren’t concerned about the differences between Christians and Muslims at all.


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