Billie Jean King promoting gender equality in Qatar

Tennis legend Billie Jean King has been named a global mentor for gender equality by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. She believes sports can help bring about
gender equality. Doha, Qatar has sponsored WTA since 2001.

Players Venus Williams, Tatiana Golovin and Zheng Jie are also involved in the WTA/UNESCO program.

I remember Billie Jean King for many things - her tennis match in 1973 against Bobbie Riggs which was a female vs. male match in which she won.

Also she had a lesbian lover early on while still married to Larry, divorced in 1987 and currently lives with her female partner.

She aborted her child so it wouldn’t interrupt her tenis schedule.

And the point in bringing up her old sins is… gossip?

No gossip was not my intent. The point is that Billie Jean King has been given a very prestigious job with the United Nations and is bringing top women players(Venus Williams, Tatiana Golovin and Zheng Jie) into these muslim nations to promote gender equality through women’s tennis-WTA.

Billie Jean King is very well respected, probably the most respected by all tennis players, but openly gay living with her partner. Martina Navratilova was another openly gay tennis player…

As we struggle to bring peace to these middle east nations knowing their history, is this a good choice for a UN representative?

Sorry- my post wasn’t directed at you at all.

Qatar doesn’t seem to mind.

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