Billings and Creighton and Sympto-Thermal...oh my!


My wife has PCOS and irregular cycles, we've been researchiing alternative NFP techniques to help identify fertile days.

In looking at the choices, I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference (except for marketing) between Billings and Creighton. Anyone have any advice?


Creighton is the method that doctors use to diagnose and treat fertility issues…especially PCOS. It is a standardized way of teaching (mostly through health professionals), and standardized scientific observations. It is connected to NAPRO technology. to find an NFP only doctor.


If you just want to avoid or conceive Billings is sufficient.

I actually am learning Creighton because of health issues that I couldn’t figure out with Billings alone.

The charting is almost the same, Billings has introduced newer stickers that Creighton does not use, a dotted sticker to indicat spotting.

Creighton is more objective in describing mucus and has various categories.


If you're dealing with PCOS, I definitely recommend Creighton!! Although I haven't been doing it very long, I've been so thrilled with my choice to use this method. You get a lot of information about what's going on, a lot of help in learning the method, and a lot of support from the instructors.

Also, if y'all end up needing any other help, Dr. Hilgers (the doctor who is responsible for Creighton) is a first-class surgeon and OB/GYN that can help with a whole host of reproductive issues.

Best of luck!


Thanks all!


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