Billionaire threatens charity donations if Pope continues support for the poor

Billionaire Ken Langone, the founder of Home Depot issued a warning to Pope Francis during an interview with CNBC which was published this past Monday. In the interview he said that wealthy people such as himself are feeling ostracized by the Pope’s messages in support of the poor, and might stop giving to charity if the Pope continues to make statements criticizing capitalism and income inequality.

Mr. Langone described the Pope’s comments about a “culture of prosperity” as “exclusionary” statements that may make some of the rich “incapable of feeling compassion for the poor.”

Well, what do we think about this, folks?

Personally, I think the billionaire needs to listen to Cardinal Dolan more-----AND Pope Francis needs to clarify and expand on his previous comments regarding capitalism and income inequality.IMO, he also needs to brush up on the examples of how capitalism is supposed to operate in the real world, so to speak,.:thumbsup:

Comments welcome.:slight_smile:

The title of the article by the examiner sure is misleading.
I agree with what you say, about the billionaire needing to listen more, but the title seems to purposely mislead by implying that the billionaire’s reason to stop giving is because of comments about supporting the poor and not about comments about capitalism.

I think I’m never setting foot in a Home Depot again.:slight_smile:

I do not like how he criticizes the pope.

Here is a little bit about the owner of Home Depot.

Mr. Langone is being coy. He has diametrically opposed church teaching in certain moral regards for years. Specifically regarding support for laws regarding the establishment and recognition of same sex unions.

Wow he’s a Catholic who has The Knight of St. Gregory :thumbsup:

From what I get this billionaire wasn’t a born with silver spoon, he worked his way to the top.
He actually accomplished the American dream.

I agree that Pope Francis should not ostracize the wealthy, but to stop helping the poor as a form of protest isn’t a smart idea.

My feeling is either you have compassion for the poor and needy or you don’t, but don’t use the Pope’s remarks about capitalism as an excuse to stop charity donations.

I agree with your comment. But if you read the article he did not threaten to stop giving. The title of the article from the examiner is very misleading.

Headlines are the print equivalent of “Made you look!”

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