Billionaire traded materialism for true happiness

*Thomas Monaghan sold Domino’s Pizza in 1998 for $1 billion at age 61. Raised in an orphanage, Monaghan says he went through an unfulfilling materialistic phase when he became rich. He bought anti-que cars, yachts and the Detroit Tigers baseball team. *

*He says he is now invested “in helping people get to heaven,” mainly through the Ave Maria Foundation that is funded by Monaghan’s fortune. Monaghan, 68, agreed to a rare interview with USA TODAY corporate management reporter **Del Jones *about how to juggle the competing worlds of faith, commerce, wealth and politics.

Q: Many CEOs have given us advice, but advice on getting to heaven seems rather ultimate. A: I’m just a pizza maker.

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Finally, a nice little news story about a man who doesn’t hide his faith under a bushel basket! :slight_smile:

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