Billy Graham is celebrating his 90th birthday

Dear Friend from son, Franklin Graham

My father will celebrate his 90th birthday November 7, and we’d like to give
him a special gift.

If you or someone in your family came to know Jesus Christ through his
ministry, please share that with him. Send us your story-or a simple
greeting-by November 1, and we’ll put all the messages together and present
them to my father when we celebrate his birthday.

Visit to leave a message.

I didn’t grow up with a church. My introduction to Christianity was listening to Billy Graham radio broadcasts on Sunday night as a teenager. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. Eventually, I joined the Mormon Church in 1972, recommitted my life to the Christ of orthodox Christianity through a Billy Graham telecast in 1995, and then joined the Catholic Church two and a half years ago. When I was a Mormon, Rev. Graham was my lifeline to orthodox Christianity.

I did not “come to Christ” through Billy Graham but as a teenager, I was certainly affirmed in my faith by his preaching. I attended a Crusade at Briggs Stadium in Detroit (I’m old), and though I did not go up for the altar call, I was deeply moved by the sight of all those people claiming Jesus Christ on that day.

As a Catholic, I consider Billy Graham to be a member of the overall team. And his wife, Ruth, was a stellar companion.

Boy, he sure is approaching his last days. He really needs to go to confession! :smiley:

He may.:smiley:

All kidding aside, he was a good man. He had the utmost respect for the pope. Even visiting the Vatican on several occasions. He was probably more Catholic than you know. :smiley:

Hey, he still is! Not was…still. Happy Birthday, Rev.Graham

Yes, sorry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :tiphat: :cake:

I commend him for all his work. I do wish, before he goes, that he would speak out in no uncertain terms against abortion.

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