Billy Ray Cyris blames "Hannah Montana" for destroying his family

On the one hand, I believe it’s probably true that fame & fortune played a part in this family’s implosion…

On the other hand, whose idea was it to hand their daughter over at the age of 12 or 13 to a corporation? Were her parents really naive enough to think anyone at Disney would really care about their daughter’s well-being? She was a moneymaking tool for them-- Disney AND her parents.

Also interesting that ol’ Billy Ray had nothing bad to say about Disney until AFTER the show was cancelled.

Your opinion?

10-15 years ago he’d have had a valid point… however given the number of “child stars” we’ve seen get destroyed he should’ve known better.

i dont think the tv show is to blame after all theres many adult and child actors working on shows and movies without those problems

i think it comes down to how they have chosen to live their life…plus they have put miley in the spotlight too much and the girl has gone wild and rebelling i can see her ending up like lindsay lohan and britney in rehab if something isnt done to bring her on the right path again…

I would not blame Disney or any other none (human) entitiy (sp?). There are many Disney stars right now that fully well behaved citizens. If I were mr cyris I would be pointing that fingure right back at myself. He looked the other way when Miley was taken nude pics, dating at the age of 14 (to an adult!:eek:) and from what I understand living on her own at 15.

Her co-stars Emily Osmund and Mitchel Musu seem to be doing just fine with the lime light.

A tad off-topic, but I’m disgusted with this American belief that once a child turns eighteen parents have absolutely no say in there lives anymore, and both child and parents are to blame for this since parents seem thrilled to let there children go the second they turn eighteen.

In the article he clearly knows he made a mistake when he let her go on hannah montana. And if your kid got offered their own disney show I am sure you would take it also. And you people are not blaming the devil enough the Devil is very smart and tricky, you can easily tell the devil influenced or caused his girl to do bad and his family problems. Why do you think so many people choose earthly pleasures over God and morals its because of the Devil. And yes Its his families fault for acting the way they do and it is partly his fault for not handling his daughter better and letting her stay on the show too long but its also very much the Devils fault.

You assume much when you say everyone would accept their child becoming a Disney star.

As for your other point, while Satan does tempt us, it does no good to blame all bad choices on him. When I go into confessional, I do not say “Forgive me father, the devil made me lie”. It’s my sin and I alone am accountable for that. Everyone faces their own temptations and hardships, so Billy Ray and Miley have no one to blame but themselves for their poor choices.

No, I wouldn’t.

My daughter had an opportunity to attend a Disney casting audition in NYC with a group of girls from a local dance school. I forbade it. I told her not only was it HIGHLY unlikely that anything would come of it (she & the other girls had delusions of becoming the next big star), I told her even if they DID offer her a part in something, she would not be taking it. We would NOT move to make a “career” for an 11-year old, we would NOT allow our child to work, we would NOT surrender our child to the Hollywood machine. I told her, “If you are so talented that you could be famous, then you can go to a Performing arts college and be famous as an adult.”

Please do not presume that we all buy into this culture’s obsession with celebrity, and wealth.


Yep, I’m also a firm believer in letting the child be a child while the adult does the job of parenting. If the child wants to be rich and famous than they can wait until they grow up.

The one major area where I see Billy Ray as having screwed up was by not taking the reins in Miley’s life. He allowed handlers to take over. He never should have allowed that. She was a minor and he was the adult responsible for her. Most of us saw all of this coming years ago. She’s walking the same path as Lindsey Lohan and Britany Spears. It’s really sad to watch.

interesting that ol’ Billy Ray had nothing bad to say about Disney until AFTER the show was cancelled.

Read: after the money was already made.

Celebrity and wealth are less important than the media would have you believe. In fact, youth lost out to seniority at the Grammys last week as Bieber walked home empty-handed and a bunch of senior citizens (literally) won Grammys in their respective categories. And there’s not a single season on “American Idol” where one of the contestants gets doesn’t criticized by the judges for singing a song intended for adults. (‘Summertime’ from Porgy & Bess should NEVER be sung by a kid. Ever.)

Wasn’t ole Billy Ray Cyrus in the show also? He was right there the whole time.

So was his now-ex-wife… as his character’s DECEASED wife. :rolleyes:

Did you read the article? He did not get any money from his daughter.

I didn’t look at this as him blaming Disney, but as him realizing his mistake.

John 8:7 may apply here.

I am pretty sure that the woman who played his deceased wife was not his real wife, it was Brook Sheilds (sp?).

That’s how I viewed it as well. Hindsight is 20/20. Even after watching so many child stars crash and burn once they hit 18, I can see how he (as a celebrity himself) would have thought, “Well that won’t happen with my daughter. She’s different.” I certainly wouldn’t want to think my daughter was capable of falling into all that.

I don’t think we can assume that he’s trying to shift the blame (provocative headline aside).

I thank the Lord that my previous poor life decisions do not receive so much attention and scrutiny from the world-at-large. :o

He should have blamed it on the Bossa Nova. Hannah Montana did not ruin his daughter. Billy Ray and his wife failed their daughter.

But if they stayed in eastern KY maybe she still would have made poor choices–the money amplifies what is in her character.

originally posted by KevinAK
Did you read the article? He did not get any money from his daughter.

Yes; and, if you had read my post, I did not say after Billy made any money from his daughter - I said “after THE money was already made” :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t think he got paid to be in the show?
I do hope he is clear on his own wrong doing in the breakdown of his family.

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