"Bind one's conscience" meaning

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I have read about how consecrated religious, when making their professions, make a vow of obedience to their superior.

I came across the phrase of “as to bind their conscience” in the context of when a superior can “command” ask something of one of those that they over, and that that brother/sister must obey, as long as they are not being asked to sin.

What does the phrase “as to bind one’s conscience” mean?


Meaning something they must obey by reason of their vow of obedience. They are obliged in conscience to obey it.

Of course it must be something that is not evil and within the parameters of their religious vocation (their rule - constitutions etc) much could be said here. But the above is the basics.

Thanks. Yes, I do understand that it has parameters, I was just curious as to what the phrase meant :slight_smile:

Your explanation has answered my question. Thank you.

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