Biofuels bad for the environment

This article’s awesome. I’m still laughing. Thanks Algore.

Put A Jungle In Your Tank! :smiley:


I would not trust anything that comes from environmentalists. It seems they are fixated on the extinction of the human race

Well said

Besides, I am a proponent of Algae based fuels. Technology is getting to the point that 1 acre can produce up to 100,000 gallons of algae oil (crude equivalent) per year. The algae farms can be built on non agricultural (i.e. deserts), use sea or contaminated water and, in some cases purify that water, and release oxygen into the air. In addition, the residual material can be used for making ethanol, fertilizer and animal feedstock.

See, I like water for gas. I think HHO generators are the way to go. Really, they’re already making vehicles that run off hydrogen produced from water. Why we aren’t exploring that more commercially is beyond me.

Lets please not lump all of us into one catagory. There is more then one type of enviromentalist. Some do actually care about the enviroment and people. And some of us do actually think about whether or not proposed more enviromentally friendly solutions would actually be more enviromentally friendly. But donlt just dismiss anything an enviromentalist says before actually thinking about what they are saying. Dismiss something on the basis of it;s a bad idea not on the basis of who it came from.

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