Biographies of New Blesseds pronounced by Pope Benedict in 2008


All new Blesseds during 2008 are religious, except Bl. Jacques Ghazir Haddad - priest. Quite a few were foundresses.

Candelaria of St. Joseph
[Caterina Sordini](“ Sordini”)
[Giuseppina Catanea](“ Catanea”)
[Giuseppina Nicoli](“ Nicoli”)
[Jacques Ghazir Haddad](“ Ghazir Haddad”)
[Josepha Hendrina Stenmanns](“ Hendrina Stenmanns”)
[Margaret Flesch](“ Flesch”)
[Marianna Donati](“ Donati”)
[Marta Maria Wiecka](“ Maria Wiecka”)


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