Biography of St Gemma Galgani

Hi! :slight_smile: I just ordered the book about St Gemma written by her spiritual director. It’s a biography. I think it should be pretty interesting :slight_smile:

Has anyone here ever read it?

Yes, I have. I’m re-reading it --slowly-- as we speak. :slight_smile:

I will be interested in your thoughts once you’ve finished it.

In the last 2 or so wks and especially the last few days I have never seen anything like the way this saint has come into my life. I’m going to get all I can on her. I’ve started praying a lot to her. I’ve only ever seen our Lady and my guardian angel get so involved in my life. I have prayers answered many times but she has just stormed into my life. Let us know how you like the book when you read it. God bless.:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

John Russell, I’ve heard that sometimes the reason we’re devoted to certain Saints is not because we chose them, but because they chose us :wink:

I will not lie, I have that exact same feeling.

Maybe she’s going on a soul-blitz?

I’ve suddenly became interested in this Saint at the same time too… lol… and I didn’t know anyone else was


A saintly conspiracy!

Ah ha! Another family here! I read the autobiography of this astonishing saint and immediately decided to introduce her to my 2 girls, aged 12 and 9. We’re reading episodes of her at dinner time, and we also began saying the ‘3 Hail Marys’ with hands under the knees before bedtime.

Saint Gemma Galgani, pray for us, especially for my 2 girls!

This saint is snatching souls left, right and centre by the look of it. I hope all her works are translated soon. I’m going to order everything I can. And after a mini debate with my spiritual director in recent weeks, and having asked St Gemma’s intercession, he’s leaving it up to me if I want to make a website about victim souls. I’m dedicating it to St Gemma and she’ll be the patroness. God bless.:slight_smile:

I should get the book in about one and a half weeks :slight_smile: I’m going to let you all know how it goes. It looks really good. I’ve also read parts of it that are really interesting.

wow that’s so cool how so many people are interested in her :cool:

a “saintly conspiracy” indeed :wink:

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