Bipartisan experts say risk of WMD attack is substantial

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There is a 70-percent risk of an attack somewhere in the world with a weapon of mass destruction in the next decade, arms experts predicted in a survey released on Tuesday.
They also said up to five more countries are likely to acquire nuclear weapons within the next 10 years.

The survey, conducted by U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, describes a threat that is “real and increasing over time” and endorses vastly increased funding for non-proliferation programs.

“Even if we succeed spectacularly at building democracy around the world, bringing stability to failed states and spreading economic opportunity broadly, we will not be secure from the actions of small, disaffected groups that acquire weapons of mass destruction,” the Indiana Republican said in a preface to the survey.

“Everything is at risk if we fail in this area,” he said. . . .

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