Bipolar and the pill...

I am a mother of 3 ,divorced who has bipolar disorder. When I am manic I love men and spend way too much money. I have recently taken myself off the medications as I thought I would feel better with daily prayer. I was so wrong …

I have been requested by my Gp to go on to a contraception of any description for his peace of mind .

I have said NO for several months now. I dont want to be pregnant again and yet when Im manic I cant stop myself from seeking men out. I no longer know what to do … I feel so lost and alone . Any advice ??

You need therapy and prayer. I will keep you in prayers. Keep us updated.

See your psychiatrist or therapist, and do whatever they recommend. If they ask you to go back on your mood stabilizing meds, do it.

The church does NOT teach that daily prayer is a substitute for psychiatric medicine.

Return to your bipolar medication and continue therapy. Stop trying to self-diagnose regarding taking your medication.

No, you cannot contracept. It is intrinsically evil. So is fornication. Please get help to stay on your medication, then it is a moot point.

explain your bp to your priest they actually deal with this more offten then you think. if you don’t want to ask face to face ask it in cofession even if its just a question.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story, please be assured of my prayers.

Dear one, even if you were not trying to follow Catholic Church teaching and thus felt more “free” to take birth control pills…if (as you say) when you are manic you “love men and spend way too much money” then you have more serious problems then taking a little pill will solve.

Having multiple sexual partners and spending money you don’t have when you have three young children is horrific and no way to spend your life. Please seek the help of someone who will REALLY help you life the life that Jesus wants you to live. You are a child of God and put on this earth for love and to be treated with dignity. God bless.

Had a very good conversation with Priest today…

BTW my children want for nothing … :mad:

Then in what sense are you ‘spending way too much money’? If you’re able to provide adequately for all their needs (including your own - a child needs to see it’s mother is well taken care of) and not going into silly levels of debt to do so? I don’t understand.

I don’t understand talking to a Priest and/ or going to confession is free. I was trying to help with empathy. my husband has bp and I have talked many times to Priest and psychiatrist about it. Also I agree you should talk to your psychiatrist. explain to your psychiatrist why you haven’t taken his advice and gone on abc. if its a moral issue then why isn’t fornication.

I’m sure that, materially, that is true. It was true of my own children. They were wanting for a better mom. I used to believe that one could be a wonderful parent without having to be an upstanding person. I know that’s not the case. I have four kids (and a beautiful stepson) who have suffered because of my choices, which at the time seemed to have no impact on them.

I do know you’re an awesome mom in that you are trying to get help/advice and by the fact you’re even on here. It’s going to be a hard road but you can do it. God’s going to lead you into better places.

Sweet sister, I’ve been there and I will keep you in my prayers! :hug1:

Prayer does not substitute for adequate medical care. You need to stay on your medication more than you need to use contraceptives.

I have been requested by my Gp to go on to a contraception of any description for his peace of mind .

Many people with bipolar are constantly looking reasons to get off their medication. When it becomes obvious that a person is not going to be responsible enough to regularly take their medication, the GP’s concern is then to try to prevent the suffering people with bipolar cause others when they go off their medication and behave irresponsibly.

Objectively speaking, you have an obligation to stay on your medication and abstain from sex. My own advise is to see see all sexual sins in the light of our call to chastity. Contraceptives is a violation of our call to be chaste, but if you’re already behaving unchastely, I am not a believer that you commit two sins by using contraceptives. However unchaste contraceptives are, you’re not being a more virtueous person because you didn’t use a contraceptive while you were engaging in unchaste acts. If anything, you are only further opening the door to allowing your sin to hurt more people.

Though the thing about contraceptives is that in putting yourself on them to avoid pregnancy, you are ultimately allowing a part of yourself to already consent to engage in fornication. And you are doing it in such a way that you are saying “Look fertility get out of my way so I can have what I want.”

So it is all motivated by lust, but the desire to fornicate without contraceptives is not motivated by chastity.

I have said NO for several months now. I dont want to be pregnant again and yet when Im manic I cant stop myself from seeking men out. I no longer know what to do … I feel so lost and alone . Any advice ??

You have a moral obligation to control your behavior and to do whatever it takes to control your behavior. This would mean staying on medication and getting whatever therapy and help you need.

I won’t say what my ailment is on this thread, but I have to take several psychotropic drugs daily. I understand what you are going through. I have decided many times to stop my meds.
Everytime I did, there was a major melt-down. It has been a roller-coaster. I HATE taking my meds because of what they do to my cognitive functions and my body. But if I don’t take them, I descend into a pit.
Mental disorders are awful. We want so much just to be like everyone else, and we aren’t. It just is awful at times.
Go back to your psychiatrist and follow good medical advice. I will pray for you.

If you are Bi-Polar you MUST take your medications!!! Prayer is improtant but it will not treat your illness. I am a licensed therapist. You should be seeing a Psychiatrist- not just a GP. Very important.

This is excellent advice. My hat’s off to you!

I have bipolar, extreme major paranoia, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, OCD and suffer from witch riding scientifically named sleep paralysis. When I was going to the protestant church they told me to see a professional. My christan psychologist helped very much. However I moved away and wasn’t able to afford a new one, then with medial insurance I was seeing a psychiatrist. She proscribed me xanax, prozac you name it. I only filled the prozac once, then stopped. I dealt with it all alone with God. To this day (5 years later) I still suffer from them all but I get through it by praying. The witch riding dosen’t happen as much and when I get paranoid of what can happen to my husband on the way to work or my kids at school, I pray and it calms me down.

However I wouldn’t say to do this yourself, yes pray always pray because God can do anything and I truly believe he can take it away. But, because you don’t have a spouse to take care of you or your children when your suffering and because you want men and spend money your babies might need later I would say to go to a priest for help, see a psychologist a Christian one. Then if you have to take anything because they believe so then for your safety and the safety of your children I would say yes! take them. Your situation is different then mine, If I was alone with no spouse and desired men I wouldn’t have handled this the way I do.

Also I agree please do not go on birth control, some of them can abort a baby without your knowing and at the same time might make you more likely to see men because you feel protected.


This might sound outdated… But have you considered a chastity belt? They do still make them (you can use Google to find online shops), and they are useful in circumstances where people have little control over their sexual urges. Some cultures use them routinely. I know this kind of device probably seems like a Victorian throwback, but if you really can’t control yourself - it might be a double win. It will prevent you from fornication and contraception. Just an idea.

Praying for you.

Just be careful on your google search of the belts :O! I just searched them to see how often they are used and ended up on a bad site lol. That just reminded me to get my filter set up on my pcs.



Why not? Seems like it fits the bill for the unusual circumstances.

I would expect there to be some hygiene issues with such a thing for starters…

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