Bipolarity and priesthood/religious vocation


I’m feeling like God is calling me to serve him in some way, but I don’t know exactly how or where. I’ve considered the priesthood, but although I’ve never been married, I’m 36 and have bipolar disorder, two conditions I’ve read that would prevent me from being considered a candidate for precisely priesthood or another consecrated way of life, like entering a religious order or community simply as a brother/monk. What do you think I should do?


Talk to your diocese’s vocation director and not us. We can’t answer this for ya



Yes, have a chat with your priest about it and see what he can advise.

You know we can serve God wherever we find ourselves, that is how many people respond to God’s call, we can work in the vineyards with our kin.

Why not read about St Therese of Lisieux, she served God by doing ordinary everyday things well and is a great example for everyone to emulate.

God bless you and I hope your faith grows daily and you find ways to serve God.


Godseeker what country are you in. Third orders and admittance to laity of religious communities will be open to you.


I have bipolar as well and I felt similar frustrations when searching for a community. I know the benedictine community was more open to me. But I am discerning a secular religious institute and they are very open and not afraid of my illness. So dont give up, God has something great for you! Keep praying and knocking on doors. God will guide you. Go to adoration a lot. This helps me.


I live in Madrid, Spain.


What type of charisms are you looking for in a third order or religious community


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