Bird Flu-Hit County in NE China to be Sealed-off

The bird flu-hit county of Heishan, in northeast China’s Liaoning Province , is to be totally sealed off, according to provincial authorities at a press conference on the prevention and control of the avian flu early Sunday morning . . .

By Saturday, poultry raisers in fifteen townships within the county had been affected.

The province launched an emergency response plan by allocating 85 million yuan, or about 11 million US dollars, for preventative measures and bringing in 60 million doses of vaccine. The province has also established a 300-strong rapid response team made up of epidemic prevention professionals . . .

In a related development, the Hong Kong Special Administration Region government on Saturday earmarked over 3 billion Hong Kong dollars to beef up its medical system by establishing epidemic treatment centers, installing more than 1400 quarantine beds in emergency hospitals and stockpiling anti-flu medicine . . .

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Beijing says to detain anyone refusing to immune poultry
China Daily
Updated: 11-06-05 16:15

. . . .new regulations went into effect Sunday that allow detention for up to 15 days and fines of up to 200 yuan (US$25) for anyone who fails to immunize their birds, the Beijing Morning Post reported . . .

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Sunday November 6, 11:48 AM
China reports 3 suspected cases of bird flu in humans
(Kyodo) _ (EDS: UPDATING)

The Chinese Health Ministry on Sunday said three people living in Hunan Province of central China who came down with pneumonia last month may have had bird flu, according to the official Xinhua News Agency . . .

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This causes me to look closer to the Chinese situation. For their government to do this makes me believe that there are many more problems then they are reporting.

Praying for those people being sealed off. Praying that this does not mean that the flu is going person to person.

[quote=KathleenElsie] For their government to do this makes me believe that there are many more problems then they are reporting.

Last week a top PRC health official warned that hiding outbreaks is a serious crime. China watchers became alarmed as that sounded like PRC-speak for “There have been more outbreaks and some low level bureaucrats are going to be blamed.”

China has yet to report a human case. But Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia have. Seems unlikely there have no been human infections in the PRC. Burma and North Korea report no cases, human or avian.

Even without human and/or H2H infection, H5N1 is creating havoic. Poulty is a main source of protein in Asia. Losing their birds often means a family loses everything (a farmer in Turkey said culling his flock wiped out 20 years of work and he was destitute. If it hurts that much in a more developed country, imagine the shock in Vietnam and Cambodia)

Reports since last night indicate the Red Flag is up. This from tommorow’s Bangkok Post:

**Prepare for worst, hospitals ordered **

***Bird-flu pandemic alert plan activated ***


The government has activated a plan to avert a possible health catastrophe from bird flu amid global fears the virus may mutate, become more virulent and trigger a pandemic . . .

Agencies such as the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, Defence Ministry, and National Police Bureau have been ordered to support emergency response and draft plans for evacuation, peacekeeping and corpse management operations . . .

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