Bird Flu

This Bird Flu thing is kinda scary. It has a 72% fatality rate and it looks as if China and Russia are not telling the whole truth. These are a few interesting articles:,13509-1749943,00.html

This is serious. Europeans are very concerned.

There is a curious story about the avian flu here:

(Maine lab fined for smuggling scheme)

Avian flu is banned from the USA. Companies cannot bring samples in for research. Yet the Saudis smugged some in . They wanted a small Maine company to develop a vaccine. Why? France is the world leader in vaccines. They would have done it no problem. Was, in 1997, Avian flu that much of a threat to Saudi Arabia? Or were the Saudi’s concerned about a bioweapon? At the time of the smuggling former Maine Senator Willian Cohen was Sec. of Defense. Did he have any contacts with Maine Biological Laboratories, the company involved in the smuggling?

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