Birds of a feather - at CAF

I was just struck by how many Lutherans are regular posters here at CAF; and there are a goodly number of Orthodox and Episcopalians, too. I always like reading what Itwin and dronald post - but with all the different denominations under the umbrella of “protestantism” you would expect to see a larger variety of non-Catholics.

Is it because we find common ground in the creeds & liturgy that we “flock together?” Maybe I need to peek over at CARM and see who is hanging out there. Surely CAF has some “big data” available on who visits the non-Catholic threads; it would be interesting to know (not individual posters, but just their self-identified religion).

Considering what NCRs looked like years ago, I find it refreshing to have a large number of posters from mainstream Protestant churches. We don’t need the CARM fanatics, they don’t represent Protestants.
Years ago many mainstream Protestants stayed away from NCRs because it was taken over by fanatics. A massive pruning was necessary.
Fanatics create drama and destroy dialogue, of any variety, Catholic or non-Catholic.

I think the common bond is a love of Jesus as the Son of God and a desire to follow Him. I think it is as simple as that.

I have seen some posters here that I would consider “fanatics”. It almost seems like spamming the way their posts just keep repeating. Not even when a priest corrects them do they back off. :frowning:

I really appreciate this forum. As much as is possible on the internet CAF reflects a truly loving community of people. There are a couple of Lutheran forums that seem to regularly devolve into drama - just mention UOJ (as suggested by Per Crucem on another thread) and watch the sparks fly.

Maybe it’s just the great mods here :thumbsup:

I’m not acquainted with the sites you identify. Does anyone know of a Christian forum that has an emphasis on ecumenism?

If I were you I would avoid CARM. It is not short for Carmelite lol. they hate Lutherans as much as they hate Catholics.

CARM is the antithesis of Ecumenism.

I post here and some in Eastern Catholicism. I tend to avoid Traditional Catholicism because it tends to be somewhat over Triumphulisitic. and overly conservative for my tastes. For the same reason I avoid World News.

I like it here. It’s well moderated, which a good, useful forum should be, and the mix of people is educational. I’ve learned loads since I’ve been here - from waaay back when I just used to lurk to nowadays when I even manage to post on other people’s threads instead of just starting my own ‘dumb question’ threads :smiley:

Thanks for the ‘heads up’. I won’t go were I am hated just for being Lutheran. Here I am hated for not being Lutheran enough!

You are Lutheran enough for me. LCMS and WELS are not the only Lutherans. Besides I am partly Scandahoovian myself.

Sure. I suppose the ELS counts, too. :smiley:

hahaha…it’s been eons since I’ve seen anyone outside of our circles say Scandahoovian.

Oh pfft…firstly, no one hates you. Secondly, no one has criticized you for not being Lutheran enough. You have been criticized for espousing positions not consistent with Christian doctrine. It’s a public forum, after all. If you’re going to state a position publicly, expect it to be criticized publicly.

Not that I’d like to see them come here, but I can see a value in visiting such forums, so as to see what not to do. I realize that might sound a bit sarcastic, but I don’t mean it that way: human nature being what it is, we’re all prone to the same kinds of things, being it fanaticism, tiresome propagandizing, bashing etc etc.

Thanks for the heads up. I guess I’d better watch out if I ever become less Lutheran than I am already. :hmmm:

Evangelicals say we’re too Catholic; Catholics say we’re too protestant; Lutherans nibble each other to death over every jot and tittle of practice and doctrine; and the Orthodox position seems to be “Frankly my dear…” :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, over at CARM, Lutherans are mostly tossed in the same bucket with Catholics.

[metaphorically speaking]

You mean tossed off the same boat as Catholics. :smiley:


I think you’re right, but there’s more, as other Christians love Him too. It is the sacraments even though we may number them differently or express the differently.

Reminds me of one of my favorite articles.

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