Biretta in the OF


Is there a rubric of some sort regulating the biretta in the OF? I know it was never formally abrogated for the Novus Ordo.
I thought Fr. Z had a detailed article on it, but I cannot find it…


i don’t know what the rubric is, but I saw a priest wearing it at a recent OF funeral. It stood out because you so rarely see that.


I’m not sure but I think it is a choice thing.


Indeed, it is.


Does this help:


No, not especially. Thank you.


We have one very traditional priest who wears a biretta and maniple when he celebrates the OF. As far as I can tell, he follows the same rubrics as he would when celebrating the EF (where applicable).



@edward_george1 what are the rubrics for the biretta in the OF?


There aren’t any.


How do you know when to cover/uncover, then?


I suppose one would follow the rubrics from the EF as far as one is able since there aren’t any for the OF.

Basically, Biretta on for Entrance and Exit procession, the homily (if desired) and while sitting down.


This is what our very traditional priest does.


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