Birth control 'a betrayal' to Turkey


TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he considers birth control to be a betrayal against the nation while encouraging parents to have large families.

“FOR many years in this country they have been committing betrayal with birth control and have put the generation on a path to drying out,” Erdogan said in a video posted online on Monday which appears to have been taken during a wedding reception, where he is addressing the bride and groom.

Erdogan, who was among a number of senior politicians at the wedding hosted by a top businessman, also encouraged the young couple to have many children, saying a growing population creates a dynamic economy.


I’ve heard even the Turks seem to have problems with replacement population while the Kurds are very much a growing population.


So he’s basically asking Turkish citizens to follow HIS wishes for what he thinks is best for Turkey, and for citizens to ignore their own personal situations, goals, and interests. Nice guy. :rolleyes:


He’s just talking demographics, agree or disagree.

Just like some people may not care for Italy or Ireland or the United Kingdom or United States for that matter, to be overrun by exiles and the native people become a minority there.

Of course, in this case, the Kurds are native to the region. I’ve got to think, the Kurds should probably have their own country but how that could be affected, I’m not sure.

Part of the problem is the turmoil in that region, many have fled North Africa, the Mid-East, even Sudan and the Horn of Africa across the Mediterranean to Italy. The number could be endless. Does Italy then, give up their national identity to just house everyone? Does everyone get voting rights and citizenship?

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