Birth Control and Environmentalism taken to the Next Step


Forgive me for not providing sources, but I was so flabbergasted by these two Items I just had to let you guys know.

News Item 1:
Women gets an abortion to ‘save the planet’. her logic, how could anyone be so inconsiderate as to have a kid considering the amount of resources that child would need. Aborting my baby is the only sensible thing to do.

Problem. There seemed to be no outrage. If anything, the news releases related to it almost put a positive spin on it.

News item 2:
I believe i heard where Australia is thinking about making it so that if you have a kid, there is a 5000 dollar ‘environmental’ tax and a separate yearly tax to off set the amount of resources used by the individual. It sounded like things get even stiffer once you pass 2 kids.

problem: people will not be able to avoid having kids, and therefore the population will decrease, and the number of abortions will sky rocket

One radio DJ constantly talks about digni-toss and how everyone should be digni-tossed when your usefulness passes. everyone on the radio morning show agrees…

Heard both on the radio so I can’t give sources per say so If i miss represented, please correct me…

What makes me so sad about this is it seems that through a combination of ‘financial well being put at risk by kids’ and now rampant ‘we are killing the planet’ mentality, The devil has successfully tricked countless people into thinking ‘Life’ is the source of all evil, and if you want to be ‘good’ you should consider death…

And this is accepted almost whole heartedly except for us religious wackos…

Anyway… no question… just appalled and wanted to share

Pray for these people

In Christ


Here is a thread going that covers the first part of your concerns (and mine too!).


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