Birth control issue?

Okay, so I understand that Catholics are against birth control. I see where they are coming from, but I don’t necessarily believe it. Here’s why:

Males are not allowed to, you know, because releasing of sperm is considered killing.
(I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say on this forum without getting blocked :)) Yup, with you there. Don’t believe it but I understand where people are coming from.

**Birth control kills off the possibility of creation. **Alright.

But what happens every month when I release an egg? It’s either getting flushed down the toilet or thrown away. Is that also considered killing?

My main question is where is the line drawn?

Well, the Church does not teach those things so I don’t know where you got them. There is nothing in Church teaching about killing sperm or eggs. I can see why you’d be confused, because frankly those are silly arguments. Sounds more like a parody or satire of Church teaching, are you sure you weren’t reading an Onion-like site with these “reasons” on them and mistook them for something serious?

The Church does not teach “birth control” in intrinsically wrong-- spacing/planning children can be moral. The Church teaches contraception is a gravely wrong way to space/plan children. It is always wrong. Abstaining, periodically or completely, is not wrong.

What the Church does teach is that each time a couple comes together in the marital embrace the sexual act must be complete, unaltered, and ordered to both unity and procreation.

You are really confused about this issue. Those statements are not Catholic teaching. THey are misrepresentations that I have heard anti-Catholics use to discredit the Church’s teaching. Egg cells and sperm cells are not babies. They have the potential to become babies, but they aren’t until they meet and a baby is concieved. The Church’s teaching against contraception isn’t about saving sperm and egg cells. It’s about respecting the marital sacrament. There are lots of really great books and articles on the subject, if you want to learn more about the real reason the Church is against contraception. There are also plentiful secular sources that oppose the use of chemical contraception on women.

Dr. Janet Smith has a horrifying CD, “CONTRACEPTION: CRACKING THE MYTHS” that confirm Sr. Nancy Kennedy’s prophetic warning decades ago about The Pill: dumping hormones into women is scientifically dangerous. The effects include, besides all the pharmaceutical side-effects like stroke, erasing the pheromones that make women naturally attractive to men; and erasing women’s ability to uptake pheromone info that makes good men naturally attractive to women, the Beauty & The Beast syndrome that baffles modern parents as to their daughters’ choices in men.

Biochemist Joel Brind, PhD. has compiled international data on elective abortion that shows this procedure can enhance breast cancer rates up to 30% from info on his abortion-breast cancer/ABC website.’s_testimony.htm

The I.U.D. ongoing tragedy of uterine perforation is witnessed by the constant solicitation of plaintiffs for class-action suits. So just from a scientific perspective, these cruel and unusual methods objected to by the Church are barbaric.

This is more the Gospel according to Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life than the Gospel taught by the Church. It was a parody in that movie, and it remains an inaccurate representation of Church teaching. :wink:

I am glad you are here asking questions. Welcome.

Natural Family Planning, which could be called fertility awareness, is something every 15 year old lady should know, not because she is having sex, but because it helps a woman understand what is going on in her body. You can tell if you’ve ovulated or if there’s been a delay, perhaps from stress. It takes the guess work out of when you are going to have your period. I wish I had known NFP when I was a teen. Nothing like a surprise period at the worst time when you aren’t prepared.

NFP is based on science. It is available to Catholic couples to space the births of their children and can be used to assist in choosing the optimal time for achieving a pregnancy. Women who practice NFP gather valuable information for their doctors and can recognize when something seems wrong. Again, it’s a tool for every young woman and it’s tragic that we shove birth control on girls and never give them the basics of how their body works like what NFP does. I hope you and your sisters, girlfriends and mom go to a class. You won’t be sorry.

I’ve always known of the dangers. I would never take “the Pill”, for contraceptive use or medical use. It’s the only recommendation for women and girls with bleeding irregularities, and yet I have known some women who have bled excessively because they were “treated” with this pill. I completely reject the thought of putting chemicals into my body. They had the right idea, thousands of years ago, treating with herbs.

Those who are shoving them down the throats of women and girls don’t really care about them…just the money. They are hypocrites. Why is the simple beauty of doing things the natural way so rejected? If there are natural, much healthier ways, then do them, and no one gets hurt. (Least of all an unwanted baby)

Slightly off-topic, but please don’t use “chemicals” as a negative that way. Herbs are made of chemicals. You are made of chemicals. A “chemical-free” food or medication would not be made of normal matter.


Hi:) I just meant “chemicals” as in the kind that can cause negative side-effects. I know medication is needed for many things (even I take Advil for headaches), but in general I’m not a pill-popper. I’m just afraid of terrible, irreversible side-effects,

This somewhat makes me uncomfortable since I take a ton of medicine daily for cardiovascular reasons. If I had the choice, yes, I would definitely continue to put these “chemicals” through my body since they are saving my health. Herbs cannot prevent heart attacks.

I know people on the pill for medical reasons, not for sexual reasons. It eases their cramps and decreases their blood flow. I would definitely consider the pill for this reason since my cramps are so bad I can’t even get up in the morning. Are they sinners for increasing their health?

You are ruling out a lot of medications because most have some negative side effects. Some drugs are the only thing that will be an effective treatment, including hormone treatment.

Women that use hormones to treat medical conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS are not sinning. However, there are less invasive treatments that do not require the use of hormone pills that are typically used as contraceptive. The use of the Creighton method can help manage a woman’s health by observing signs of fertility or lack thereof. Sometimes “the pill” or one of them, is the the best option of certain women but their doctors don’t offer all the options or may not even be aware of them. The pill is an easy band-aid and profitable.

OP your basic understanding is a silly caricature of the reasons why Catholics don’t believe in birth control.

Please read Humanae Vitae:

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