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I will soon be celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary. A month before my wedding, I took birth control pills to alter my period so I wouldn’t have it for my wedding/honeymoon. I didn’t have sex before I was married and have not used ANY abc at all my entire married life.
I intend to confess this asap, but I’m not sure how sinful it was. I wasn’t having sex anyway, so I (at the time) didn’t think it was a big deal. But now, I’m thinking I could possibly have conceived on my honeymoon had I not messed with my cycles. It has only recently occured to me that this could have been a grave sin. Of this was a sin, is it already forgiven from my previous confessions where I didn’t think to mention it?

P.S. Since I’m sure it will be asked, I got the birth control pills from my sister. She had very bad cysts and the pills were supposed to help with those. But the kind she was put on gave her some weird side effects (don’t remember what specifically), so the doc switched her to a different kind. She gave me her left over pills when I thought up the idea to take them to avoid my period for the wedding/honeymoon.


I COULD be wrong, but I believe that the pill is fine for medical reasons if you are not sexually active. Best to seek a second opinion though.:hmmm:

In either case, you did not know the gravity of the sin so the sin cannot be mortal.


You should mention it in confession. The priest will guide you.

You took a contraceptive with the intent of altering your fertility, so yes there is some culpability there. Do I think it rises to the level of mortal sin? No. But, I am not your confessor.


I’m no expert on the detailed theology but if you didn’t have any intention of practising contraception and stopped before you had sex I really wouldn’t beat yourself up about this. I know I would have been gutted if I’d had my period on my honeymoon.


From what I understand three conditions have to be met for it to be a mortal sin:

1.Grave matter
2. Full knowledge of the sinnner
3. Deliberate consent of the sinner

In other words you have to have known that you were commiting a mortal sin.

It still doesn’t hurt to confess. It can only help:thumbsup:


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