birth control

There have been studies that prove that birth control can help the hormones in a woman’s body clear up blemishes and break out on her face. I understand the reasoning behind disapproving of birthcontrol for pregnancy prevention, but is it wrong to use birthcontrol if you are abstinent and only use it for the purpose of clearing up your skin?

If you are not having sexual relations at all it is fine, but consider diet if it is PMS related.

Here’s the exact language from Humanae Vitae:

  1. The Church, on the contrary, does not at all consider illicit the use of those therapeutic means truly necessary to cure diseases of the organism, even if an impediment to procreation, which may be foreseen, should result therefrom, provided such impediment is not, for whatever motive, directly willed [19].

So I guess the question is…Is birth control “truly necessary to cure” this disease?

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