Birthday Blessing


Is there a Catholic practice that includes birthday blessings on every 7th birthday? I saw a young girl being blessed by a bishop at a conference I was at a couple of years ago, and asked an acquaintance in passing what that was for. She said every cell in the body is replaced in 7 years time and that it’s custom to have a child blessed every 7 years because of this. Knowledge of this or any thoughts?


Sounds kinda new-agey for my taste


Never heard of that before.


Never heard of this in my life. Kind of spooky if you ask me.


Never heard of it before either. Mind you, there's nothing wrong at all per se with receiving a blessing from a priest or bishop on every seventh birthday or at any other time - the last two times I had a rosary blessed by a priest the priest blessed me as well, which was lovely.

Might be interesting to ask your friend a bit more about this supposed 'custom' - where they heard about it, where it originated.


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